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New material on site

Introduction to the case - key documents

Mission, Goals, Methods and Beliefs & Assumptions

New material on site:


July 2016.  Attorneys Robert and Sandra Bloomenthal of Nashua are retained to represent Chad. 


28 March 2016. Death of Chad's mother, Pam Evans, in Keene, New Hampshire, of kidney failure. 


4 Nov 2015. Chad has read the book, Getting Life, by Michael Morton about his wrongful conviction for the murder of his wife and his 25 years struggle for justice.  In the linked document, "Getting Life by Michael Morton"  Chad pulls quotes from the book and then compares them to his own wrongful conviction. See "Latest News."


29 April 2015. Chad has been moved to "H Pod" at the Berlin Prison.  This changes his regular visiting hour schedule to:  Fridays 1-4, Saturday 8-11 and Sunday 1-4.  See "Latest News."


28 and 29 April, on NH1 news (WBIN-TV) a two part program on Chad's case, by Paul Mueller.    See "Links to Articles - Chad Evans post 2002 Sentencing" for transcripts and links to the videos. 


22 April 2015.  Chad Evans volunteer Linda Dalessandri updated her assessment of Kassidy's health during the last months of her life, and finds several indications that Kassidy's death was a result of health problems and accidents.   See "Latest News."


19 April 2015.  Jim Day, a devoted supporter of Chad Evans, and former educator and principal at Chad's schools in Keene, died at the age of 67.  See "Latest News."


1 April 2015.  Morrison Bonpasse, Director of the Chad Evans Wrongly Convicted Committee, announces his candidacy for President of the United States.  See "Latest News."


25 February 2015.  Foster's Daily Democrat publishes article re: House Judiciary Committee vote against HR10.  See "Links to Articles - Chad Evans post 2002 Sentencing" for the story.


14 February 2015.  Foster's Daily Democrat published a followup article regarding the House Judiciary Committee's hearing on February 12.   See "Links to Articles - Chad Evans post 2002 Sentencing" for the story.


12 February 2015. WMUR carries a post-hearing story on the Chad Evans Resolution before the legislature. See "Links to Articles - Chad Evans post 2002 Sentencing" for the story.


11 February 2015. WMUR runs story on hearing. See "Links to Articles - Chad Evans post 2002 Sentencing" for the story.


11 February 2015.  Foster's Daily Democrat published article about upcoming hearing on HR10 before the House Judiciary Committee. See "Links to Articles - Chad Evans post 2002 Sentencing" for the article and for followup letter by Morrison Bonpasse to the Foster's reporter about the article. 


11 February 2015. Keene Sentinel publishes article about upcoming House Judiciary Committee hearing.  See "Links to Articles - Chad Evans post 2002 Sentencing" for the article


11 February 2015.  Morrison Bonpasse submits written testimony to the House Judiciary Committee in support of HR10.  See "Latest News."


8 February 2015  The House Judiciary Committee will be holding a public hearing on Thursday, February 12 on House Resolution 10 (HR10) which urges the Attorney General to re-examine the Chad Evans case.  See "Latest News."

1 January 2015.  Chad has been transferred to the NH State prison in Berlin. The reason for the transfer is not yet known.  His new mailing address is:

   Chad Evans, #75414

   Northern NH Correctional Facility
    138 East Milan Rd.
    Berlin, NH 03570 
See "Latest News."


Introduction to the case - key documents

Several key documents for understanding the case are presented and linked below are recommended, and for a quick introduction to Chad Evans' case.

1.  Summary of the Chad Evans case (based on what was formerly the

     "under construction" page) (2 pages) (Rev. 7/12). See also Chad's

     FOUR-PAGE APPLICATION for assistance to Centurion Ministries for

     a summary of his case.

2. How Chad Evans was wrongly convicted (2 pages) (Rev. 10/11)

3.  The REPORT of the Voice Stress Analysis lie detector test.   The report

     concluded,  "After analyzing all of the circumstances and the test results, it

     was concluded that Mr. Evans was a cooperative, sincere individual who

      eagerly submitted to VSA testing which revealed No Deception Indicated (NDI)

      on his part." See Chad's QUESTIONS AND CHAD'S ACTUAL ANSWERS "No"

      to the examiner's questions. See also PROPOSED QUESTIONS which Chad

      brought to the examination, in case the examiner needed additional questions.

4.   Nearly all the "Physical Contact between Chad Evans and Kassidy Bortner"

     between Chad and Kassidy were playful and nurturing, which is not what the

     jury heard. (Rev. 20 July 2011) (5 pages) See 2010 drawing of Kassidy, from

     photographs, by prison artist Bruce True. Also, see 

     drawing of hand palming Kassidy's face.

5. Chad Evans and the tragic death of Kassidy Bortner  (2 pages) (Rev. 10/11)

6.  Indictments, Verdicts and Sentences    In chronological order of alleged

     offenses, are presented 11 charges. Chad Evans was found guilty of 8 and

     not guilty of 3. (4 pages)

7.  Spreadsheet: Who was alone with Kassidy Bortner during last 24 hours.

      This document shows that during Kassidy's last 24 hours, Amanda Bortner

      was alone with her for 3 hours, and Jeff  Marshall for 6 hours and 10 minutes

      and Chad Evans for 30 minutes. The information is also presented in a WORD

      document.  Also presented is an ANALYSIS of the number of hours Chad Evans

      wasalone with Kassidy from October 1 until her death: 10 1/2.

8.   In his police interview on 9 November, Chad Evans described the incident

      the previous evening where he tossed a "hard rubber ball" or "starter

      baseball" to his son, Kyle, who hit it into the left eye of Kassidy Bortner.

      During the investigation and Chad Evans and Amanda Bortner trials of the

      case, the references to this "ball" were varied and uncertain. See     


9.   In June 2010, Chad Evans reviewed the transcript of his 9 November 2000

      interrogation and he added comments and explanations. ANNOTATED 

      INTERROGATION TRANSCRIPT See (REV. 6/14/10)  The video of his

      interrogation is linked in the "Investigations" section at the "Maine State

      Police"  paragraph  for 7:10 p.m.

10. Physical contact between Chad Evans and Amanda Bortner.  Their love and

      relationship was full of physical contact, which puts the allegations of "assault"

      by Chad into perspective.  See PHYSICAL CONTACTS WITH AMANDA.

      Rev. 2/12

11.  This document contains the "Letters from New Hampshire State Prison."

      letters sent, beginning in January 2010, by Chad Evans to Morrison

      Bonpasse, his friend, advocate and private investigator. The 833 pages of
      letters begin with the 7 January 2010 letter from Chad and continue, thus
      far, to his letter of March 31, 2013. Gradually, the referenced photographs

      will be linked.  To see the photos, click on the link, or open a different window

      and go to the "Who IS Chad Evans?"  Section and then click on "Photographs

      from 'LETTERS FROM NH PRISON' " for each of the numbered photos.

12. The foundation for the Arrest Warrant for Chad Evans and for the Search

      Warrant to search his home were the Affidavits of Sgt. White of

      10 November 2000 and 11 November 2000, respectively.  In 2010,

      Chad Evans annotated Sgt. White's 11 November affidavit with his

      understanding of the facts. See Chad-Annotated Sgt. White Affidavit.

13.  Documents and information not available to the jury at the Trial of Chad Evans

      a. 22 March 2001 DNA Test of the blood underneath Kassidy's ten fingernails.

      b.  Six Page Report of pediatric medical exam of Kassidy on 10 August 2000.

      c.  Report of orthopedic surgeon examination of Kassidy on 11

          September 2000.

      d.  Photograph of Kassidy and Amanda Bortner on Friday, 20 October 2000.

      e. 5 November 2000 Date (previously not specified) of family gathering with

          Chad and Kassidy at home of his sister, Nicole in Belmont, NH for most of

          the day, Sunday.

14.  Analysis of the accuracy of the State's closing statement  in Chad's trial. For

       Chad's analysis of the closing statement see his ANNOTATIONS  of True,

       False and T/F with each statement.

15.  Jeff Marshall was asked to write a Statement on November 9 for the police.

       Presented here are his Handwritten statement and a Rekeyed WORD

       copy of that statement. Also here are Chad's November 2000,

       LETTER TO HIS ATTORNEYS, written shortly after his release on bail, and

       Amanda's "My Life Story" which she wrote in the late Winter/Early Spring

       of 2000.

16. "Kassidy Photo Album June-Oct 2000"  Photos of Kassidy from June to

      October, 2000. There are no known photographs of her in November.

17.  "Reasons for a New Trial and Re-Investigation of Chad Evans case" 

       This document lists in summary form the reasons why Chad's case should

       be re-investigated, and why the first trial was sufficiently flawed to warrant

       a new trial.

18. EYE CONTACT - The Mysterious Death in 2000 in Maine of Kassidy Bortner

       and the Wrongful Conviction of Chad Evans in New Hampshire

       revised as of 25 September 2011.  See also, ERROR/CORRECTION  update

       as of 25 March 2012. The letters from Chad to Morrison Bonpasse have been

       published as Volumes 2 and 3 of EYE CONTACT.

       Volume 2: Eye Contact, Volume 2: Letters 2010 from a Wrongly Convicted

       man in New Hampshire State Prison

       Volume 3: Eye Contact, Volume 3: Letters 2011 from a Wrongly Convicted

       man in New Hampshire State Prison


The Chad Evans Wrongly Convicted Comm. is dedicated to the truth & justice for Chad Evans

Mission, Goals, Methods and Beliefs & Assumptions (Rev. 2/10


To find and present to the people and government of New Hampshire the truth about Chad Evans.  That truth will lead reasonable people to see that he was wrongly convicted of murdering Kassidy Bortner.  We will find and present the several possible alternate causes of Kassidy Bortner's tragic death.

GOALS. To achieve one or more of the following:

-     The judicial exoneration of Chad Evans, and restoration of his reputation.

-     The withdrawal by the Attorney General of New Hampshire of the charges       

       against Chad Evans

-     The reinvestigation of the death of Kassidy Bortner and, if applicable, the       

      prosecution of the person or persons responsible.

METHODS. To achieve the Mission and Goals above, the Committee will use

      as many methods of communication and persuasion as possible.  Such

      methods will include:

-     Working with attorneys in the state and Federal Courts to overturn the       


-     Building a website, 

-     Writing a comprehensive book about the case.

-     Writing letters to, and meeting with, elected and appointed government


-     Letter writing to the media.-     Encouraging articles in the press and radio

      and television.

-     Continuing the investigation of the case and relentlessly pursuing the truth.

-     Circulating a public petition.

-     Polling the public.

-     Holding public and private meetings for communication and persuasion.

-     Developing multi-media means of telling the truth about the case, including     

      music and video.


-     The truth shall set wrongly convicted people free.

-     Through honest discussion, with respect for all parties and viewpoints, the

       truth can emerge.  

-     Everyone in New Hampshire wants justice.

-     Everyone can help in the pursuit of truth and justice in the Chad Evans Case

-     The men and women in New Hampshire law enforcement are strongly

      motivated to seek justice.

-     No one in New Hampshire wants an innocent person to be imprisoned for a

      crime s/he did not commit.

-     If there is a person, or persons, responsible for intentional or criminally

      negligent acts which caused the death of Kassidy Bortner, s/he or they should

      be prosecuted and punished.

To assist all those who are considering the problem of Truth and Justice for Chad

Evans, the following rating scale of percent/belief is presented:

Percent (%) of certainty of non-involvement.


     |-------------------NOT GUILTY-----------------------------------------| |-GLTY-|

Below are explanations of the percentages: Chad Evans.....

100%  - did not kill Kassidy Bortner, absolutely not, with total certainty. NOT GUILTY   99.9% - did not kill Kassidy Bortner, with much certainty. NOT GUILTY

  99%   - did not kill Kassidy Bortner, with some certainty. NOT GUILTY

  90%   - very likely did not kill Kassidy Bortner. NOT GUILTY

  80%   - probably did not kill Kassidy Bortner. NOT GUILTY

  70%   -  might not have killed Kassidy Bortner. NOT GUILTY

  60%   -  possibly did not kill Kassidy Bortner. NOT GUILTY

  50%   - Undecided. Don't have an opinion. NOT GUILTY

  40%   -  possibly did kill Kassidy Bortner. NOT GUILTY

  30%   - might have killed Kassidy Bortner. NOT GUILTY

  20%   - probably did kill Kassidy Bortner. NOT GUILTY

  10%   - very likely did kill Kassidy Bortner. NOT GUILTY

    1%   - did kill Kassidy Bortner, with some certainty. NOT GUILTY

     .1% - did kill Kassidy Bortner, beyond a reasonable doubt. GUILTY

   0%    - did kill Kassidy Bortner, absolutely, with total certainty. GUILTY

  QUESTION:   Where are YOU on this chart? It's expected that the more people learn about the case, the further up/or left on the scale they come. The Committee is working to get the facts of the case into the hands and minds of as many people as possible, especially people in the media and the Government of the State of New Hampshire. It is seeking to get the story of Chad evans told throughout New Hampshire and the country by creating this web site and distributing the information through other national and local media.Errors, mistakes?  Please let us know.As we are committed to the truth and to justice, we do our best to present the truth. If there are any errors on the website, please let us know, by email to Chad Evans Wrongly Convicted Committee This is especially true if you believe there are any errors or mistakes in any statements or representations by Chad Evans.  To our knowledge, there are none - as he is an innocent man.Funds and Contributions  In addition for funds to do that work, funds are needed for the next series of legal efforts.

Please send contributions to help the campaign for justice for Chad Evans to the following address:        

    Chad Evans Wrongly Convicted Committee

    71 Sullivan Street

    Keene, NH 03431

Petition for Investigation

Help us with the campaign to circulate a Petition for a Re-Investigation of the Chad Evans case.  To see a draft (as of February 2010 of the Petition, click on Petition

(or, to enter your name online, go to Petition for Investigation) Also available is a two-page (summary of the facts) showing that Chad Evans did not kill Kassidy Bortner in November, 2000. Count of visits to this site since 28 April 2010.


For feedback or questions about the website or about the case in general please contact Morrison Bonpasse by phone at 207-586-6078 or EMAIL

Photos from left to right:

1.  Chad Evans and his son Kyle at a Little League game where his half-brother, Brent, was playing. (See  "Chronology" for 10 June 2000. Photo was taken by Chad's mother, Pam.)

2. Chad Evans' son, Kyle, and Kassidy Bortner and Amanda Bortner, on 22 June 2000, at York Wild Animal Kingdom. Chad Evans took the photo.  (The prairie dog was in another photo. See PHOTO) (See "Chronology" for 22 June 2000.)
3. Amanda and Kassidy Bortner at Chad's sister, Nicole's, home which was being rehabilitated in Belmont, NH on Friday, 20 October 2000. Chad recalls that Nicole took the photo.  (See "Chronology" for 20 October 2000.

4. Kassidy Caitlyn Bortner in the kitchen at home approximately in October 2000, about 4-6 weeks before she died. See the full photo in the "Amanda and Kassidy" subsection of the 'Who IS Chad Evans?' section.  Either Amanda or Chad took the photo.