Chad Evans Wrongly Convicted


is a New Hampshire non-profit corporation dedicated to the exoneration of Chad Evans who was wrongly convicted in 2001 of assaulting and murdering Kassidy Bortner. The Committee was formed in March, 2010.

The Committee is a member of the New Hampshire Center for Nonprofits[See the Committee's PROFILE at that website.]


The Committee has two chapters:

Keene Chapter

  Co-Chairs:  Nicole Evans Mahoney and Jaime Chase

Rochester Chapter

  Co-Chairs:  Becky Boudreau and Sandy Gelinas


Members of the Chad Evans Wrongly Convicted Committee and/or

Supporters of Chad Evans's claim of innocence and signers of petition "Request for a re-investigation and/or New Trial."


Signers of ONLINE PETITION for Re-investigation of the Chad Evans case at (394 as of Jan. 2, 2013) 


Signers of ONLINE PETITION for Re-investigation of the Chad Evans case at (190 as of Jan. 2, 2013)


Signers of ONLINE PETITION for Re-investigation of the Chad Evans case as  (41 as of Jan. 2, 2013)


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Chad's YouTube channel FREE CHAD CHANNEL has  4 subscribers as of Jan. 2, 2013, and 115 "views"

Total Count as of Jan. 2, 2013: 1,035 (listed below)

(Friends and supporters who left only first names on petitions are listed in alphabetical order by first name at the bottom.)

John Abare, Keeseville, New York  

Judith Abel, Basel, Switzerland

Cindy Ackerman, Facebook friend

Peggy Acosta, Womelsdorf, Pennsylvania  

Colleen Adams, Facebook friend

Dougie Adams, Facebook friend

Bryan D. Aiken, Facebook friend

Alamzeb Akhund, Pakistan

Lakia Alesci, Oklahoma, Twitter follower

Tammy Alexander, Collierville, Tennessee

Mandy Allard, Milton  

Melissa Allard, Milton

Robert Allen, Facebook friend

Paulette Allphin, Show Low, Arizona

     (Comment #161 at petition website.)

     I humbly ask the courts and all persons involved in this case, to reinvestigate.

     You have been given the power and honor of watching over people, and it

     appears there has been an oversight in this case. It is a life?? Looking forward

     to favorable reply. Respectfully Paulette Allphin

Sherry Amature, North Haverhill

     "Let's let him have another trial and see what the DNA has to say!"

     (Comment September 2011 at petition website.)

Lizz Andre, Facebook friend

Jason Aniki, Farmington

     (Comment #166 at petition website.)

     FREE CHAD!!

Sheila Angers, Laconia

Jessica Anthony, Northwood

Mike Antone, Sacaton, Arizona  

Carol Appel, Los Angeles, California 

Rhapsody Arlen, Facebook friend

Crystal Arnold, Steelton, Pennsylvania

Drew Arsenault, Facebook friend

Elizabeth Arsenault, Franklin

Kelli Athas, Mesquite, Texas 

Anne Audet, Facebook friend

Dean Austin, Rochester

Brian Avery, Facebook friend

Tara Bachman, Concord

Cheryl Bishop Bagster, Facebook friend

Jeremy Bailey, Rochester

     (Comment #177 at petition website.)

     new technology, new eyes and investigators may prove or disprove prior

     conviction. and if someone guilty of a crime can walk due to "benefit of a

     doubt" then maybe those in prisoner that there IS a doubt then maybe    

     reinvestigation should be the least that can be done

Darrick Baker, Hutchinson, Kansas

Julie Baker, Kennebunk, Maine

Amanda Baldwin, Mount Joy, Pennsylvania

Otto Ball, Hyde Pennsylvania

     (Comment #171 at petition website.)

     In Total Agreement with a re-investigation. Too many innocent people have

     been released showing mistakes happen innocent people suffer to long some

     even were executed though their innocence was proven.

Rosy Baldwin, Arlington, Virginia

Amanda R. Barnes, Keene

    "Please re-investigate or review this case an make sure ALL the evidence is heard."     

     (Comment #12 at petition website.)

William Barrett, Farmington

Timothy Barrs, Facebook friend

Sarah Leary Powell Barter, Methuen, Massachusetts

Herbie Bashaw, Facebook friend

Michael Bassett, Facebook friend

MaryBeth Nicholas Basso, Facebook friend

Lindsey Bean, West Swanzey

Courtney Beaudoin, Mesa, Arizona

     "I feel Chad's case was never properly investigated justice for Kassidy and Chad

      needs to be done and just being a person reading the case files you know there

      has been many wrongs done here."

      (Comment #11 at petition website.)

Elisabeth Bechmann, St. Palten, Austria  

Bill Beck, Facebook friend

Christopher Becker, Rochester

Peter J Bedell, Facebook friend

Matt Beier, Facebook friend

Lisa McBride Beijan, Facebook friend

Kristen Willett Belanger, Facebook friend

Elena Belikova, Peru

Peter Bellamy, Twitter follower

Sally Belluscio, Acworth

   [Chad's 4th Grade teacher at Roosevelt Elementary School in Keene]

Matthew Bemis, Facebook friend

Shawn Bemis, Facebook friend

David Benenato, Facebook friend

Cherie Cape Bennett, Facebook friend

Brooke Bentley, Waterboro, Maine

Joshua T. Bergin, Keene

Lauren Berridge, Manchester 

Diane Bersaw Anderson, Facebook friend

Tom Bibeau, Facebook support
Cheryl Bice, Facebook friend

Sarah Bilodeau, Epsom

Tony Biondo, Hinsdale

Heather Birmingham, Facebook friend

Darlene Rogers-Bisson, Facebook friend

Kenneth Bisson, Walpole

Ingrid Bjornstad, Trondheim, Idaho

David A. Black, Phoenix, Arizona, Twitter follower

Melanie Blair, Edgewood, Maryland

Walter Blair, Edgewood, Maryland

      Free this innocent man!!

      (Comment #94 at petition website.)

Sharon Blais, Pembroke

Eileen Blaney, Chelsea, VT

Haley Blanchard, Facebook friend

Angelika Blood, Panama City, Florida

Cindy Blood, Keene  

Hollis Blood III, Facebook friend

Joshua Blood, Facebook friend

Phillip Blood, Panama City, Florida

Jack Bocchino, Somersworth

    (Comment #176 at petition website.)

    The terms "Innocent until proven guilty" and "Guilty beyond a shadow of a

    doubt" are two terms within the judicial system that have been disturbingly

    distorted.  If there is even the smallest chance that Chad & Amanda are

    innocent and were wrongly convicted, this case should be immediately

    re-investigated. It's been 10 years now, perhaps a new sets of eyes is

    exactly what is needed to review the evidence without any prejudice.

Wayne Bohannon, Facebook friend

Pam Boland, Georgia

Susan Marie Bolden, Shirley, Massachusetts

Stephanie Chick Bolduc, Facebook friend

Morrison Bonpasse, Newcastle, Maine

Shawn Boroski, Facebook friend

Amanda (Bortner)

     (Comment #102 at petition website.)

      I am Kassidy's mother. Please please reopen this case. Kassidy deserves to

      rest in peace....  

Hollie Bostwick, Facebook friend

Becky Boudreau, Rochester

     "Chad you are a great man! Please don't let this blib in the system ruin your spirit!


      (Comment #23 at petition website.) 

Heidi Boudreau, Facebook friend

Nick Boudreau, Bristol, Rhode Island

Donnie Bourassa, Facebook friend

Denise Bowden, Windham

Nancy Boyd, Brattleboro, Vermont

Ryan Bradley, Greenbelt, Maryland

Ryan Bragg, Keene

Julie Brand, Facebook friend

Patricia Bratton, Keene

Sandys Braves, Facebook friend

Tyna Breglia, Facebook friend

Jimmi Brewer, Facebook friend

Melissa Brewer, Stoddard 

Michael Brewster, Facebook friend

Cory Bright, Rindge  

Rosa Brisson, Keene

Laura Broenink, Wageningen, Netherlands  

Bill Brooks Jr, Facebook support

Cindy Brower, Chicago, Illinois

Alan Brown, Facebook friend

Sally Brown, Facebook friend

David Brunner, Kansas

Brian Burgess, Keene

Jamie Potter Burke, Facebook friend

Jamie Burke, Billerica, Massachusetts

Heather Butler, Epsom

Wilson Byerhoff, Hill

Kristin Cain, Concord

     "I was always raised that the truth shall set you free and to do the right thing.

      Let's remind people that we all deserve justice for those who are innocent and

      always are true. FREE CHAD!!!!"

      (Comment #34 at petition website.)

     "After learning about this case over the past two weeks I'm convinced that Chad

      needs to be set free. What ever I can do to help this wonderful man I will do it.

      Being Scottish I just have one thing to say...FREEDOM!!!"

      (Comment September 2011 at petition website.)

Donald Caldwell, Keene

Lucy Cameron, Liberty, South Carolina

Belinda Campbell, Facebook friend

Jason Candello, Facebook friend

Mick Carbo, Maryland, Twitter follower

Nathan Carbone, Facebook friend

Shannon Carbone, Epsom

     "Please keep the faith! The useless bastard that took the life of this precious

      little baby girl will be brought to justice!!! Keep your chin up and God will make

      miracles happen!"

      (Comment February 2011 at petition website.)

Susan Carden, Keene

Barbara Carey, Franklin

Kevin Carey Sr, Facebook friend

Denise Carignan, Facebook friend

Linda Carpenter, Facebook friend

Julymer Carrasquel, Sunrise, Florida  

Erika Carty, Rochester

James Castagna, North Swanzey

Andy Castine, Facebook friend

Stacy Caswell, Facebook friend

Erin Colburn-Caswell, Facebook friend

Kim Chaffee, Keene

     Please reopen this case. (Comment #11 at petition website.)

William Chaffee, Keene

George Chakalos, Facebook friend

Brian Chaloux, Rochester

Stacy Chamberlin, Ossipee

Natalie Chambers, Hartlepool, United Kingdom

Jaime Chase, Fitzwilliam

Bonnie Champney, Facebook friend

Gary Champney, West Chesterfield

Joshua Champney, Brattleboro, Vermont

Reina Champney, Brattleboro, Vermont

Kim Chapman, Townsend, Massachusetts

Holly Mattson Charlonne, Facebook friend

Jessica Marsette Chase, Facebook friend

Ted Cheever, Facebook friend

Chris Cheney, Facebook friend

Karina Cherfas, New York City, New York, Twitter follower

Joe Cheverier, Facebook friend

Heather Chickering, Facebook friend

Robert Claflin, Facebook friend

Peter Claghorn, Calgary, Canada

Zoee Clark, Rochester

     (Comment #169 at petition website.)


Dori Clarke, Facebook friend

Kevin Clarke, Facebook friend

Kirt Clarke, Facebook friend

Nadine Clement, Newbury

Penney Cleveland, Nashua

Ryan Clifford, Facebook friend

Jonathan Clough, Facebook friend

Ken Cody, Claremont

Melissa Cody, Claremont

Tomlin Coggeshall, Newcastle, Maine

Heather Cohen, Facebook friend

Jonathan Coimbra, Epsom

Sean Colburn, Facebook friend

Matthew Coleman, Facebook friend

Sandra Lea Collett, Facebook friend

Shannon Collins, Facebook friend

Cheryll Colpitt, Facebook friend

Leland Coman, Laconia

Heidi Compos, Facebook friend

Cindy Connors, Facebook friend

Stephenie Conway , Deer Isle, Maine  

Larry Cook, Concord

Elonda Cooke, Facebook friend

John Corliss, Facebook friend

Heidi Seymour Cormier, Facebook support

Kendra Corson, Northwood

Derek Costa, Facebook friend

Sarah Couturier, Meredith

Bernard Cote, Facebook friend

Geni Cox, Facebook friend

Kevin Couronis, Nashua  

Laura Lee Cowan(Foley)  Bel Air, Maryland

Amy Craig, Facebook friend
Eric Craven, Keene

Chris Cristiano, Facebook friend

Traci Crowley, Facebook friend

Carol Crunkhorn, Auckland, New Zealand

Wendy Hart Cruz, Facebook friend

Jerome Currier, Epsom

Angela Curtiss, Gilbert, Arizona

Robert Cutter, Winchester

Noel Dalberth, Twitter follower

Linda Dalessandri, Lebanon, Maine

KaraMae Daley, Hill

Patty Dalpe, Facebook friend

Kelly D'Amaral, Kingston 

Amy Danforth, Facebook friend

Jennifer Knowlton Daniels, Facebook friend

Frank Danner, Rochester  

Tara Daoust, Laconia

Jim Day, Keene

Michelle Wilson Clark Darling, Facebook friend

Alfred Davenport, Laconia

Chad Davis, Facebook support

Chris Davis, Winchester

Rene Davis, New Zealand

Toby DeBattiste, Facebook friend

Scott DeBell, Facebook friend

Scott DeBell II, Facebook friend

Jason DeBit, Facebook friend

Sharon Dean, Keene

       "Everyone deserves a fair chance. Bless your parents. They are very

       good people. Good Luck Chad

       (Comment #144 at petition website.)

Susan Trimble-Deir, Facebook friend

Darcy Delaproser, Kansas

Elish Delaproser, United Kingdom, Twitter follower

Robert de los Santos, Buenos Aires, Argentina, Twitter follower

Natasha Leite de Moura, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil  

Jenn DePalo, Shrewsbury, Massachusetts

Colleen Ann Deschenes, Facebook friend

Erica Descoteaux, Facebook friend

Andrea L. DesJardins, Facebook friend

Michele Desrosiers, Facebook friend

Nate Desrosiers, Facebook friend

Lisa Devoe, Northfield

     "More blood work needs to be done... this child could have had a disease that

      no one had found. and a single bruise could have set it off...did they see if the

      baby had a blood clot.. I really would love to see the forensic details into this

     case.  more eyes the better I always say... AND WHO WAS THE LAWYER!!!!!!!"

      (Comment February 2011 at petition website.)

Renee DiCastro, Facebook friend

Theresa Dickson, Beverly, Massachusetts

Wesley Dinsmore Jr, Concord

Christopher Dionne, Gonic  

     FREE CHAD!!!!  (Comment #17 and 134 at petition website.)

Tammy Dionne, Temecula, California 

Darius Dirzinskas, London, United Kingdom

Anthony DiTullio, Facebook friend

Erik Dodge, Facebook friend

Corey Douai, Keene

Ron Doud, Athens, Michigan

     (Comment #163 at petition website.)

     I think the justice system should be brought to and put on trial for crimes

     against humanity.

Jaime Doyle, Facebook friend

Amie Dechene-Drew, Facebook support
Nicole Drew, Barnstead

Melanie Drinkwater, Lincoln, Maine

Ryan Dubriske, Facebook friend

Shannon Duchano, Rochester

Ronald Dumont, Rochester

Tim DuPont, Concord

Lorenda Duquette, Facebook friend

Shayne Duncklee, Longview, Washington

Gina Burns-Duran, Twitter follower

James Durant, Facebook friend

Matt Durling, Facebook friend

Debbie Duval, Facebook friend

Amanda Du Verger Heger, Facebook friend

Tracy Durgin, Facebook friend

Jamie Easterly, Everettt, Washington

     "Everyone deserves the right to an appeal. If someone wants to fight for

      their innocence, they should be allowed to. Only after two appeals

      leading to guilty verdicts do I think it is okay to say enough."

      (Comment #78 at petition website.)

John Eastman, Facebook friend

M. Edwards, Madison, Wisconsin, Twitter follower

Terry Edwards, Twitter follower

Mike Egan, Facebook friend

Sissel Egeland, Twitter follower

Tabatha Eisner, Facebook friend

Alex Elliott, London, United Kingdom

Kristen Elliott, Facebook friend

Sam Elliott, Facebook friend

Sarah Ellis, Facebook support

Kula May Ellison, Ontario, Canada

Justin Ellsworth, Facebook friend

Damion Elson, West Yorkshire, United Kingdom, Twitter follower

Jessica Emery, Kittery, Maine

Deaven English, Wolfeboro

     "He is innocent." (Comment #70 at petition website.)

Jarrod English, Concord

Jason English, Wolfeboro

     "The guy is innocent."  (Comment #45 at petition website.)

Sharon English, Nashua

Eric Erskine, Moultonboro

Jason Esh, Corry, Pennsylvania 

      Even the most naive of attorneys can see that Chad is an innocent man. A

      great injustice has been done here. LET THE MAN FREE. He has already

      suffered the loss of his daughter. GIVE HIM HIS FREEDOM BACK! We demand

      it. He is innocent.

      (Comment #96 at petition website.)

Alyssa Etheridge, Facebook support

Chet Evans, Keene

     "Free Chad, he has lost enough time in his , and his sons life for a crime he

      didn't commit!"  (Comment #5 at petition website.)

Jason Evans, Keene

Kenny Evans, Facebook friend

Linda Evans, Edgewater, Florida

Pam Evans, Keene

    "I was raised to believe in our justice system, please make me believe again.

    FREE CHAD!!" (Comment #22 at petition website.) 

Ron Evans, Guilford, Vermont

Maria F., Verona, Italy  

Charles Fam, British Columbia, Canada

Wendy Underwood Farnham, Facebook friend

Ryan Faulkner, Facebook friend

Dr. Paul K. Fauteck, Chicago, Illinois, Twitter follower

Lorraine Fay, Gulfport, Mississippi

Sharon Ferguson, Facebook support

Stacey Fernandes, Troy

Diana Ferreira, Passos de Ferreira, Portugal

Justin Ferry, Facebook friend

Sharon Ferguson, New Smyrna Beach, Florida

Eric Finley, Keene

Dave Fischer, Concord

Suzanne Fitzpatrick, Upton, Massachusetts

     (Comment #161 at petition website.)

     Good Luck Chad :)

Darcy O'Brien Fletcher, Facebook friend

John Flynn, Concord

Kelly Walker Fleuette, Facebook friend

Meredith Moore-Flores, Merrimack

Ann Fogg, Rindge  

Rei Fogg, Rindge

John Foley, Dorchester, Massachusetts  

Maggie Foong, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Twitter follower

Carlton Foote, Facebook friend

AJ Forcier (Vashey), Milton  

Taryn Forcier, Facebook friend

Nadine Forstrom, Facebook friend

Bruce Fosburgh, Facebook friend

Erin Smith-Foster, Keene  

Shelley Foster, Farmington

     (Comment #177 at petition website.)

     "everyone has the right to due prossess and a full representation of all the facts."

Wendy Foster, Facebook friend

Casey Fowler, Facebook friend

Dallas Fox, Keene

John Frazier, Facebook friend

Michael Frazier Jr, Facebook friend

Bryan D. Freehling, Lahaska, Pennsylvania  

Kurt Frees, Ohio

Marylee French, Chichester

Kurt Frees, Cincinnati, Ohio

James H Frost, Facebook support

Kurt Furlong, Facebook friend

Echo G., Ashland, Ohio 

Christine Gagne, Epsom

      "Justice was not served in this case for any of these people involved. Serious

       mistakes were made with this case and because of that an innocent man's life

       is wasting away, a child is father less, the community is lacking a productive

       citizen, and little Kassidy has not been able to RIP. Please see that justice is

       served." (Comment #5 at petition website.)

       "Keep the faith Chad. The truth will ALWAYS prevail!"

       (Comment February 2011 at petition website.)

Dylan Gagne, Epsom

Leisa Gagne, Chichester

Renee Gagne, Somersworth

Robert Gagne, Chichester

Andy Gagner, Facebook friend

Crawford Gallagher, Phoenix, Arizona

Kelly Gallagher, Facebook friend

Danny Gannon, Facebook friend

Haley DeBell Gardner, Facebook friend

Jennifer Garner, Facebook friend

Dawn Gaudry, Facebook friend

Robin Gearhart (Sandman), West Newbury, Massachusetts 

     "Chad Evans is not guilty of the crime that he is being so unjustly punished

     for! Our mission? To see that he is exonerated and released from prison as

     soon as possible so that he may return to his family, his son, his life."

     (Comment #138 at petition website.)

Robin Gearwar, Salem  

Jeff Gelinas, Concord

Lisa Fortin Gelinas, Facebook friend

Sandy Gelinas, Somersworth

    "If you doubt, take a look at the"

    (Comment #35 at petition website.)

Sasha Gelinas, East Rochester 

Chase Gentry, Old Hickory, Tennessee  

Derek George, Facebook friend

James Gero, Keene

Chris Parsons-Gilbert, South Berwick, Maine

Donna Gilbert, Bradford

Danielle Gilligan, Facebook friend

Lisa Redfield Gillum, Facebook friend

Kimberly Goddard, Brattleboro, VT

     We would like to see this case looked at again allow all evidence.

     I believe after all is out on the table you will see he did not murder 21 month

     old Kassidy Bortner.   (Comment #35 at petition website.)

Jaime Nazer Gonzalez, Facebook friend

Matthew Goodchild, Facebook friend

Shawn Goodell, Concord

Dana Goodnow, Facebook friend

Timothy Goodnow, Sullivan

Bruce Gordon, Facebook friend

Steven Gordon, Concord

Matthew Gowell, Facebook friend

Brenda Grassie, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Theresa Green, Somersworth

Edward Greene, Merrimack

Stephen Greene, Medford, Oregon 

Josh Greenwald, Facebook friend 

Tavi Greiner, Charlotte, North Carolina    

     I believe that the circumstances of this case and the trial warrant an

     immediate re-investigation!  (Comment June 2011 at petition website.)

Wendy Grimes, West Chesterfield, and Facebook friend

     (Comment #165 at petition website.)

     Re-investigate there are others involved that obviously are covering for each

     other. Chad deserves another trial.

Jay Grove, New Hampshire, Twitter follower

Debbie Gromoley, Keene

Jami Grover, Keene

Jon Grover, Facebook friend

Sheri Grover, Keene

Tristen Grover, Facebook friend

Molly Groves, Lewiston, Maine

Kristen Guertin, Facebook support

Kristi Guldbrandsen, Facebook friend

Roland Guillemette, Facebook friend

David Gundry, Swanzey

     "Throwing Junk against a wall and convicting people on what junk sticks to the

      wall IS NOT what our legal system is suppose to be about. STEP UP NH.. do

      what is right!  (Comment #18 at petition website.)

Polly Gundry, Swanzey

Matthew Guyette, Facebook friend

Scott Hagar, Facebook friend

Tyler Hahn, Fayetteville, NC

Paul Haider, Chicago, Illinois

Sean M Hale, Facebook friend

Juanita Haley, Alstead

     "I feel that Chad as an old friend and former co-worker deserves another

     chance to prove that he really is a good person.

     (Comment #141 at petition website.)

Chrissy Hall, Facebook friend

Edward E. Hall, Keene

Eric Hall, Facebook friend

Dawn Hall, Manchester

Jennifer Hall, Connecticut

Jennifer Hall, Greeneville, Tennessee  

Kathleen Orben-Hall, Facebook friend

Kerry Hall, Facebook friend

Ken Hamelin, Facebook friend

Donna Hamilton, United Kingdom

Brandy Mitchell Handy, Facebook friend

Eric Handy, Facebook friend

Christopher Hamblet, Facebook friend

Kevin Hammond, Facebook friend

Carol Harada, Lebanon, Maine

     (Comment #168 at petition website.)

     Chad belongs home with his family!!

Nick Harris, St. Louis, Missouri, Twitter follower

Mitch Hartford, Rochester

     (one of the three men whose lives Chad helped save from a burning  crashed

        car in 1996, and for which he received a "Hero" award from Governor Jeanne

        Shaheen and Mrs. Nackey Loeb.)

Donna Baker-Hartwell, East Andover

      "When in doubt- reinvestigate! Our court system is not without error. Chad's

       conviction my very well be in error."

       (Comment October 1, 2011 at petition website.)

Noelle Harty, Bristol

     "The scary thing is this, our justice system is not always right and this kind of

      thing could happen to any one of us.  This case should be reopened. Anyone

      who passes a lie detector and has a clean record and not witnesses against

      them should have an appeal to the courts!!"

     (Comment Feb 2011 at petition website.)

Brandon Harvey, Belmont

Brian Harvey, Keene

Brenda Hastings, Facebook friend

Jeremy Hayn, Facebook friend

Andrew Hayes, Facebook friend

Amanda Du Verger Heger, Concord

Michele Healey, Facebook friend

Denise Helander, Dover 

Kenneth J Helie, Facebook friend

Heidi Henkel, Putney,Vermont

       "Falling out of truck at babysitters, etc, contributed to death. Tragedy but

       not murder."

       (Comment #146 at petition website.)

Eric Hensel, Detroit, Michigan, Twitter follower

Kristi Hersey, Facebook friend

Andrew Heugel, Brewster, New York

Adrema Higgins, Lebanon, Tennessee

Melissa Higgins, Merrimack

     "I agree that the circumstances of this case call for a new investigation. There

      are too many unanswered questions."

     (Comment September 2011 at petition website.)

Dawn Wheeler Hill, Swanzey

James R. Hinton, Keene

Laura Harding Hobbs, New Durham

Jeremy Hockett, Facebook friend

Jessica Hodgdon, Farmington

     (Comment #167 at petition website.)


Katie Bedard Hodgdon, Facebook friend

Timothy Hodgdon, Facebook friend

Dana Hoffman, Grand Rapids, Minnesota

Daisy Hope, Facebook friend

David M Hope, Long Island, New York, Facebook friend

Debby Hope, Facebook friend

Doris Hope, Facebook friend

John Hope, Facebook friend

Stacey Horn, New Port Richey, Florida

Jennifer Parker Houghton, Facebook friend

Judith Houghton, Keene

Jesse Howard, Facebook friend

May Howie, United Kingdom

Mary Hubbard, Detroit, Michigan 

Randy Hudson, Facebook friend

Desirree Marlena Clonch-Huff, Vale, North Carolina 

Travis Hunt, Facebook friend

Jeffrey Hunter, Farmington

Melissa Hurley, Braintree, Vermont

Wendi Hulslander, Facebook friend

Emma Spurgin Hussey, United Kingdom

Anneke Hut, Amersfoort, Netherlands  

Jason Hutchins, Facebook friend

Dan Hyatt, Facebook friend

Brian Hyde, Leominster, Massachusetts

Sophie Inchains, Portland, Maine

Mary Irwin, Laconia

    (Comment #173 at petition website.)

    Anything with any doubt should be re-investigated!! Isn't that the American way?

Nick Isaia, Facebook support

Danielle Jaber, Chicopee, Massachusetts  

Angel Jackson, Facebook friend

Cia Jackson, Aurora, Colorado  

Gary Jackson, Facebook friend

Megan McCabe Jarrett, Pepper Pike, Ohio

James Jarvis, Facebook friend

Matthew Jarvis, Facebook friend

Meesa Jay, Facebook friend

Suzanne Jedrzejewski, Florida

Andrea Jenness, Rochester

     "There is too much evidence and too many other avenues that have been

      left uninvestigated. Whatever happened to innocent untill proven guilty..

      and Chad was automatically assumed guilty even before his day in court.

      Chad DESERVES a FAIR hearing with all avenues and evidence explored to

      the furthest abilities available!!!!!! Not just for Chad's freedom, but so

      Kassidy can finally rest peacefully."

      (Comment #26 at petition website.)

Cassy Jennings, Epsom

Jan Jennings, Keene

Keith Jennings, Strafford

Laurie Saunders-Jewett, Facebook friend

Douglas Johnson, Facebook friend

Melissa Johnson, Facebook friend

Arwen Jones, Kenner, Louisiana

Ezra Jones, Facebook friend

Nora Jones, Newcastle, Australia  

Tammy Jones, Wolfeboro Falls

     "Please look again!"  (Comment #21 at petition website.)

Hazel Jordan, Facebook friend

Philip Jordan, Facebook friend

Jessica Clark Jore, Facebook support
Greg Joslyn, Facebook friend

Sieglinde Joyce, Facebook friend

Sharon K., Talladega, Alabama, Twitter follower

Casey Kaiser, Facebook friend

Zee Kallah, Arizona

Trinidad Karlin, New Jersey, Twitter follower

Ronald Karvosky Jr, Facebook friend

Dee Kassotis, Facebook friend

Bryan Keating, Keene

Susannah Kegler, San Pedro, California  

Dorothy Kelley, Facebook friend

Christopher Kendall, Facebook support

Tiffany Green Kennedy, Facebook friend

Jacqueline Kenny, Savannah, Georgia

John Kenny, Facebook friend

Terry Kenny, Lebanon, Maine

Julie Kenyon, Twitter follower

Oliver Kenyon, Facebook friend

Amy Kernozicky, Facebook friend

Nathan Keyes, Facebook friend

Edward A Kingsbury, Facebook friend

Jillian Nights, Londonderry

Kenneth Knoppik, Boca Raton, Florida

Dawn Knowles

     Never believed that Chad was guilty of this crime and was shocked

     and saddened when he was convicted. Good luck Chad and I hope you

     get your new trial. 

     (Comment #190 at petition website.)

Christian Knowlton, Facebook friend

Steffen Konrath, Munich, Germany, Twitter follower

Lee Ann Larson Kostro, Facebook friend

Liz Krainchich, Wellesley, Massachusetts

Sherri Krug, Facebook friend

Susan Krug, Jaffrey

Yasiu Kruszynski, Chicago, Illinois

Jessica Marie L., Keene

     Signing this petitition only indicates I believe the case should be re-investigated,

     not that I sign in belief of Chad's innocence. I have done extensive research on

     my own and believe it fair the case be reviewed/reinvestigated and possible

     re-tried. (Comment #55 at petition website.)

Sharmen LaBarre, Hinsdale,  

Susie Labbe, Facebook friend

Sam Lacey, Facebook friend

Mike Lachance, Facebook friend

Jerry Lackey, Keene

Lisa La Clair, Facebook friend

Michael Laffond, Facebook friend

Leslie Lafond, Mount Carmel, Tennessee

Mellissa Lafrenz, Larchwood, Iowa

     "Chad was not given a fair trial. The information that the jury received was     

      incomplete, biased, and based on assumptions and circumstantial evidence.

      Knowing Chad personally, I know that he was/is incapable of charges brought

      against him. Chad is innocent and needs to be set free....

           This case is a GROSS and HORRIFIC example of injustice. Knowing Chad   

      personally, I can tell you he was and is not capable of such violence.

      Throughout the case, assumptions were made quickly and facts were not

      researched substantiated.The media took the case and made it into a media

      frenzy (because this kind of news sells newspapers). Therefore, since the

      case was emotionally charged, the state simply had to convict someone quickly

      and without remorse, regardless of the mistakes that were made during the

      investigation. Unfortunately, Chad Evans is paying the price for a crime he did

      not commit. And that, my friends, is a crime unto itself.

      (Comment September 2011 at petition website.)

Tom Lagana, Wilmington, Delaware, Twitter follower

Lori Lake, Troy

Dave Lambert, Keene

Lori Lamoureux, Facebook friend

Lori Lancer, Savannah, Georgia  

Chelsea Lane, Facebook friend

Janet Lane, Milton

Lynn Langford, Elcajon, Colorado

Richard S. Lapointe, Facebook friend

Chasity Laporte, Allenstown

LaDonna Larson, Facebook friend

Jessica Laskey, Bow

Kate Laurent, Facebook friend

Edward Laurson, Denver, Colorado

Erin Laviolette, Facebook friend

Jenne Chase Lawrence, Troy

Kelly-joe Lawrence, Facebook friend

Bill Laycock, Keene

Scott Lazzaro, Facebook friend

Diana Leach, Jaffrey

Peter Leach, Jaffrey

Tammy LeBrun, Facebook friend

Joshua Lee, Wolfeboro Falls

Beverly Leet, Laconia  

     "Hopes this helps so the baby girl can finally rest."

     (Comment March 2011 at petition website.)

Andrew Leighton, Facebook friend

Nicholas Lemieux, Boscawen

Lori Lepage, Greenville 

Casey Lepisto, Facebook friend

Meliss Waite Letendre, Facebook friend

Joshua Letourneau, Facebook friend

Shannon Letourneau, Chelsea, VT

James Lewis, Meriden, CT

Rachel Ley, Upstate, New York, Twitter follower

Chuck Linn, Facebook support
Angie Lizotte, Lebanon, Maine

Juanita Starkey Lofton, Facebook friend

Jon Loll, Facebook friend

Allison Lichter, Twitter follower

Tyke Lothrop, Facebook friend

Robin Loudon, Claremont

     Free an innocent Man."  (Comment #20 at petition


Ben Lovejoy, Facebook friend

Angela Lucas, Facebook friend

Jeannine Gage Lucius, Facebook friend

Tim Lucius, Facebook friend

Misha Lugo, Rochester

Shirley Lunderville, Facebook friend

Nicole Lurvey, Gilford

Joshua J Luscomb, Facebook friend

Becky Bergeron Lydon, Facebook support

Shad Lyle, Facebook friend

Emerson Lyons Jr., Facebook friend

Shawn Maccabee, Rochester

     "We request that the State of New Hampshire re-investigate the Chad Evans

      case, and then either dismiss the charges against him or request a new trial

      where a jury can hear all the evidence.

      (Comment #24 at petition website.) 

Hannah Madison, Epsom

         (Comment #112 at petition website.)

         FREE CHAD

Paul Mckay, Facebook support
Barbara Wheeler MacKenzie, Newton  

    "Please re-investigate this case, there are many things that were overlooked."

     (Comment #33 at petition website.)

Mindy MacLaren, Facebook friend

Cathy MacMillan, Kaslo, British Columbia, Canada  

Melanie MacMillan, Facebook friend

Hannah Madison, Epsom

Robert Maggart, Keene

Nicole Evans Mahoney, Putney, Vermont  (Chad's sister)

   "This is a man that used to sleep on the floor next to his little sister's bed every

    night because she was afraid there was snakes under her bed. That's not the     

    character of someone who would ever harm a child. He is a good, honest, loving

    man who has spent too long in prison for something he didn't do. Please re-open

    this case and you too will see the truth." (Comment #57 at petition website.)

Levin Manabat, Portland, Oregon  

Ralph Mancinelli, Keene

Crystal Manning, Spooner, Wisconsin

Johan Mansson, Keene

Vanessa Mansson, Keene

Trisha Drew Mapes, Facebook friend

Jeremy Marsette, Facebook friend

Raymond-Gene Martinez, Tucson, Arizona

Laurie Pulaski Marson, Facebook friend

Shadd Maruna, Belfast, Northern Ireland, Twitter follower

Lisa Blaisdell Marazoff, Facebook friend

Courtney Marcott, Facebook friend

Chris Margraf, Facebook friend

George Martin, Loule, Portugal  

Lilly Martin, Danville 

Terrance D. Martin, Brattleboro, Vermont

     40 year Veteran of Local, County, State and Federal Government.

     (Comment #185 at petition website.)

Terry Martin, Facebook friend

Lukas Martinelli, Pleasant Hill, California

Rodney Mathers, Houston, Texas, Twitter follower

Tiffany Matrone, Facebook friend

Dave Mattson, Facebook friend

Jered Mattson, Facebook friend

Tom Maxwell, Los Angeles, California  

Britany May, Facebook support

Bil Mayo, Facebook friend

Kelsea McAllister, Concord

Kristen McAllister, Concord

Christopher Mcatee, Swanzey

     "Free Chad"  (Comment #75 at petition website.)

Christina McCaleb, St. Louis, Missiouri, Twitter follower

Katie McCauley, Rochester  

Cassandra McCarthy, Somersworth

Randy McClelland, Facebook friend

David McCollester, Facebook friend

Martha McCormick, Pennsylvania

Courtney McGrath, East Waterboro

Kim McCrillis, Lebanon, Vermont

Michael McGloin, Facebook friend

Kate McGuinness, Twitter follower

Meghan McHugh, Dover

Robin McIntosh, Canada

     "Here in Canada, we had a doctor whose testimony convicted numerous people

      and it turned out his testimony was wrong in every case. He should have lost

      his license before so many went to jail for crimes they didn't commit. I believe

      there should be an investigation opened. If this man is innocent, it is not fair to

      keep him in jail. What can it hurt to reopen the case?"

      (Comment March 2011 at petition website.)

Ginger McLeod, Allenstown

Barbara McNamara, Joppa, Maryland

Meghan McNamara, Manchester

Cliff C. McNeill, Facebook friend

Nick Meader, Rochester

Cyndi Mears, Chicago, Illinois 

Matt Meehan, Facebook friend

Henriette Meixner, London, United Kingdom, Twitter follower

Erica Melamed, Coral Springs, Florida

Janice Melanson, Rochester

    "May the truth be told and free this man if he is innocent."

     (Comment #89 at petition website.)

Deborah Sparks Melendy, Facebook friend

Rose Mendoza, Facebook friend

Tami Mendoza, California

Kate Mercier, Seattle, Washington

Jennifer Metivier, Keene

Tammy Lamoureux Mikenas, Facebook friend

Angelique Mikoski, North Carolina

Heidi Russell Miller, Facebook friend

Jason D. Miller, Jr., Gilsum

John Miller, Portland, Oregon

Tania Miller, Keene

Amanda Mills, Keene

     "Free Chad. He is too kind.  He would never hurt anyone."

     (Comment #28 at petition website.)

Kurtis Mills, Keene

Marty Mills, Keene

Tiffiny Mills, Swanzey

Ryan Miner, Facebook friend

Brent Minery, Canterbury

Matthew Minott, Facebook friend

  "Chad, I am on your side yesterday, today, and tomorrow."

    (Comment Feb 2011 at petition website.)

Natasha Minsker, San Francisco, California, Twitter follower

Lisa Mitchell, Facebook friend

Darren Mitton, Decatur, Georgia 

Donna Mock, Medford, Oregon 

Jim Mock, Medford, Oregon 

Briana Moisson, Wellington, New Zealand


    (Comment #133 at petition website.)

Keith Monsell, Facebook friend

Amy Moore, Facebook friend

Andrea Moore, Jaffrey

Annie Moore, Facebook friend

Kathleen Moore, Facebook support

Jeremy Morrison, Concord

J.D. Morse, Marlborough

Laurel Morse, Facebook support

James Morton, Toronto, Canada, Twitter follower

Tammy Morton, Ocala, Florida

Herb Moscardelli, Taylorville, Illinois

Reggie Moser, Facebook friend

Wendy Moses, Chichester

Wayne Mudrack, Facebook friend

Jesse Mulinski, Facebook friend

Tamela Mullin, St. Joseph, Michigan

Nora Murphy, Facebook friend

Christan Beaudoin Myers, Facebook friend

Caitlin Nadeau, Allenstown  

Joshua Nadeau, Facebook friend

Tami Evans Napolitano, Englewood, Florida

Kathryn Nash, Facebook support

Ernest Ndaigo, Facebook friend

Klaudio Negric, Rijeka, Croatia  

Christina Nesbitt, Milton  

De Andre Nickens, Los Angeles, California  

Cheryl Morton Nickerson, Facebook friend

James M. Nordlund, Fargo, North Dakota  

Kelly Sabolevski-Norlund, Facebook friend

Judith Northcott, Walpole

Patricia Obrien, Alstead

    Please reinvestigate this Case.  there is no way that Chad should have EVER

     been found guilty in the first place.

     (Comment #43 at petition website.)

Sharon Ochoa, Exeter, California  

Ana Ekholm O'Donnell, Facebook friend

Kyle Ohlenkamp, Facebook friend

Jeremy J. Olson, Grafton

Glenn Tetterton-Opheim, Wilmington, North Carolina

Sam Opperman, Australia

Kristen Orsini, Belmont

Shyloah Nilsen Osteyee, Facebook friend

Jodi Otto, Laconia

Christina Ouimette, Newburyport, Massachusetts

Valerie Paige, Keene

Drema Page, Quaker Hill, Connecticut

Shelly Page, Charlestown

     PLEASE!!! It will cost you less to reopen this case then to keep an

     innocent man behind bars!!!

     (Comment #188 at petition website.)

Brian Palmer, Facebook friend

Chris Palmer, Facebook friend

Kim Palmer, Epsom

     (Comment #174 at petition website.)

     Time to free this innocent man!

Sean Palmer, Facebook friend

Katrina Paluso, Hurricane, West Virginia 

Kristina Panek, Facebook friend

Jeffrey Paquin, Facebook friend

David Paradis, Manchester

James Parker, Concord

Kristin Parker, Facebook friend

Katie Parrelli, Facebook friend

Joseph Parrott, Facebook friend

Kristopher Parsons, Facebook friend

Nancy Parsons, Laconia

     "Everyone deserves to have all the evidence shown and a fair trial"

     (Comment #43 at petition website.)

Bethany Patten, Concord

Dick Patten, Concord, (New Hampshire State Representative)

     "I feel very strongtly that this case needs be re-examined. there is so much

      that was left out."  (Comment #2 at petition website.)

Gaetane Pauwels, Houston, Texas, Twitter follower

Erika Payne, Facebook friend

Katie Barnes Peabody, Facebook friend

Penelope Peabody, Rochester

Julian Pearce, Twitter follower

Mary Pease, St. Mary's, Georgia

David Peck, Facebook friend

Isaac Pelletier, Middleton

Heather Viarengo-Pelow, Facebook friend

Stephanie Perkins, Dover

Heather Perry , Pittsfield

Tammy Perrault, Facebook support

Shannon Arteta Perry, Facebook friend

Nicholas J. Peterson, Minnesota, Twitter follower

Karin Gilbert Petrin, Facebook friend

Duane Phelps, Facebook friend

Gene Philhower, Northwood

Melissa Philhower, Northwood

Bruce Phillips, Facebook friend

Raymond Phillips, Facebook friend

Elizabeth Pickering, Belmont

Scott W. Pickering, Facebook friend

Kevin Picknell, Facebook friend

Barbara Pierce, Facebook friend

Melissa Pierce, Merrimack

Christiana Pike, Pembroke

Gregory Piotrowski, Facebook friend

Linda Pischke, Wisconsin, Twitter follower

Brittany Plaisted, Epsom

Kristi Plante, Facebook friend

Regina Plante, Rochester

    "I believe there is not enough evidense for a wrongly accused victim, in this

     case.."  (Comment #62 at petition website.)

Lonnie Plourde, Rochester

Cammy Plummer, Derry

     "All for true justice being served... what can it hurt to reinvestigate a case,

      given there are unanswered questions.."

      (Comment February 2011 at petition website.)

Teena Pokorski, Facebook friend

Mike Polini, Somersworth

   "Free Chad!"  (Comment #62 at petition website.)

Craig Polishan, Facebook friend

Jeffrey Porter, Keene

Tara Powell, Facebook friend

Kathy Power, Franklin

Sundee Potter Powers, Facebook friend

Jenn Pratt, Facebook friend

Stephanie Pratt, Facebook friend

Jennifer Lucius Prevost, Facebook friend

Catherine Price, Malden, Massachusetts

Jason Priest, Facebook friend

Jared Proctor, Facebook friend

Kimberley King Proctor, Facebook friend

Kelly Proulx, Facebook friend

Raina Provencal, Concord

Kimberly Ann Pryor, Facebook friend

Jason Purdy, Facebook friend

Gerard Quiroga, New York, New York

Kelly Ramsey, Facebook friend

Tom Rancourt, Keene

Mervi Rantala, Tampere, Finland

teve Rawlins, United Kingdom,  Twitter follower

Daniel Rawson, Facebook friend

Susan Rawson, Facebook friend

Lisa Raymond, Facebook friend

Sylvia Raymond, Cape Coral, Florida

     "I have always had questions and doubts regarding the guilt of Chad Evans.

      I feel there are alot of unanswered questions and that someone else may

      have been abusing and neglecting Kassidy."

      (Comment #77 at petition website.)

Liza Raynes, Facebook friend

Suzanne Raynes, Facebook friend

Edwin Read, Facebook support

Braden Reed, Epsom

     "Keep the Faith!"  (Comment Feb. 2011 at petition website.)

Steven Rennick, Facebook friend

Todd Rennie, Facebook friend

Christa Reny, Facebook friend

Brian J. Rich, Facebook friend

Raven Rich, Concord

Sean Rich, Facebook friend

Denise Richardson, Facebook friend

Ham Richardson, Facebook friend

Jessica Ricker, Allenstown  

Diana Rideout, Facebook friend

Todd Rideout, Facebook friend

Keith Rinker, Facebook friend

Rafael G Rivera, Facebook friend

Todd Alan Rivers, Facebook friend

Jenn Rix, Facebook support

Kristin Roach, Facebook support

Sonja L Robbins, Facebook friend

Keith Roberts, Raymond

Ashley Robinson, Center Ossipee

Bonnie Corson Robinson, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina 

Marie Robinson, Milton

     I feel that Chad Evans has been wrongfully convicted. Let a jury hear all the evidence

     that they didn"t hear before.  (Comment #115 at petition


Shane Robinson, Facebook friend

Steve Robinson, Rochester

Darlene Roeill, Facebook friend

Pauline Rogan, Keighley, United Kingdom

Mike Rogers, Facebook friend

Brandie Wells Roof, Facebook friend

Scott Rosinski, Facebook friend

Melissa Roub, Milton  

Josh Roy, Facebook friend

Steven Roy, Concord

Angela C. Ruest, Keene

Angie Rumney, Facebook friend

Dale Russell, North Swanzey  

Georgette Russell, Swanzey

Pam Russell, Swanzey  

Steven Russell, Facebook friend

Sarah Rutledge, Epsom

Jay Ryder, Rochester

Joe Sabolevski, Facebook friend

Cristina Álvarez Sánchez, Facebook friend

Jordan Sandman, Salem

      "I love you Chad."

      (Comment #137 at petition website.)

Davontae Sanford, Facebook support

Raymond Santana, New York City, New York

    (One of the "Central Park Five, who knows a lot about wrongful conviction.

     See the book by New Hampshire's Sarah Burns, "The Central Park Five"

     and the upcoming film with the same title, by her father, Ken Burns.)

Rick Sault, Facebook friend

Saxon, Laura, Morriston, FL

Jeremy Scheck, Facebook friend

Keith Sheldon, Facebook support

Mary Schings, Facebook friend

George Schnyer, Facebook friend

Doria Schofield, Facebook friend

Jonathan Scott, Facebook friend

Tammy King Scott, Jupiter, Florida

Wendy Scott, Keene  

Joe Scroggins, Facebook friend

Nicole Staton-Scroggins, Facebook friend

Tallen Seace, Manchester

Jessie Sears, Facebook friend

Erica Secord, Facebook friend

Tony Secord, Facebook friend

Robin Secore, Keene  

Richard Seeger, Cheboygan, Michigan

Dakota Segedy, Pembroke

Stefano, Serpico, Italy

Christina Severance, Facebook friend

Jessica Severance, Franklin 

Kathy Seymour, Facebook friend

Jennifer Zimmer Shatney, Facebook friend

Tammy Shaw, Meredith

Adrienne Sheehan, Facebook friend

Michael Sheehan, Lowell, Massachusetts

Brent Sheldon, Facebook friend

Keith Sheldon, Keene

Brian Shepard, Facebook friend

Jessica Sherman, Pearl, Mississippi 

Sami Signorino, Indiana

Edward Silva, Concord

Jay Simes, Kingston

Ashley Sirles, Laconia

Olivia Sitton, France

Sandrine Ageorges-Skinner, Stafford, Texas

Earl Smith, Norwich, Vermont

Craig Smith, Facebook friend

Dee Smith, Keene

Gary F. Smith, Nashville, Indiana, Twitter follower

Kelli Smith, Facebook friend

Lorne Smith, Facebook friend

Raynor R. Smith Sr., Wake Forest, North Carolina

Jamie Snow, Facebook friend

Jeff Snowling, Facebook friend

Devan Spears, Facebook friend

Jon Spinac, New York, New York

Steven Sprague, New Hampshire

Parker Springfield, Facebook friend

Corinne Stabler, Facebook friend

Helena Stackewicz, Greensburg, Pennsylvania

     "I believe the true killer is.... [not Chad Evans] and should be charged."     

     (Comment #184 at petition website.)

Carla Stanly, Keene

Michael Staples, Facebook friend

Angie Starling, Hickory, North Carolina

B-j Haley St Aubin, Facebook friend

Carla Starkey, Facebook friend

Lorri Stevens, Facebook friend

Corey Stewart, Twitter follower

Mel Stewart, Austin, Texas, Twitter follower

Charleen Stillberger, Strafford

Kenneth St. Laurent, Facebook friend

Leo St. Laurent, Weare

Priscilla St. Lawrence, Facebook friend

Marcy Stoeckel, Rochester

Cristi Sturgill, Mount Vernon, Kentucky 

Wesley Stone, Facebook friend

Crystal Manning Stoner, Facebook support

Shilo Lavenskie Stoney, Facebook support

Gloria Maria Fernandez Suarez, Spain

Laurie Sudol, Clarkdale, Arizona 

Elizabeth Summers, Facebook friend

Pat Surrell, Facebook friend

Zachary Swanson, Andover

Amy Symonds, Facebook friend

Ryan Syrjamaki, Facebook friend

Beverly Talllent, Louisville, Kentucky

Vicci Tarr, Facebook friend

Yvonne Taschler, Facebook friend

Cindy L. Tapper, Rochester

Sherri Tassi, Nashua

Samantha Tatro, Franklin

Doug Taylor, Brattleboro, Vermont

Gregory D Taylor, Facebook friend

James Taylor, Hill

Jennifer Taylor, Facebook friend

Llew Taylor, Pennsylvania

Pamela Taylor, Nelson, British Columbia, Canada

     "This is ridiculous!  Give Chad his life back."

      (Comment #74 at petition website.)

Patrick Taylor, San Francisco, California

Kimi Telly, Macomb, Michigan

Christopher Tenney, Newport

      "Don't ever give up Chad!!! I'm right here in your corner when I can be."

      (Comment #139 at petition website.)

Jen Tenney, Newport

     "Hi Chad, I'm Chris Tenney's wife and also wanna support you in your cause.

      So best of luck to you. We are in your corner!"

      (Comment #140 at petition website.)

Sheila Thain, Facebook friend

Bruce Thessen, Facebook friend

W Michael Thevenin, Facebook friend

Jackie Thibeault, Winchester

Linda M Thomas, Andover

Nick Thomas, Facebook friend

Bette l Thompson, Somersworth

     "Re-evaluate the case of Chad Evans."   (Comment #53 at petition website.) 

Debbie Thompson, Manchester  

Kelly Thompson, Springfield, Illinois

     "Free Chad Evans!"  (Comment #53 at petition website.)

Paul Thompson, Manchester

  "Chad Emery Evans was wrongfully convicted." (Comment #68 at petition website.)

 Toni Thompson, Granite Falls, North Carolina

Pamlynn Montgomery Tillett, Norcross, Georgia 

Seth M Timmons, Facebook friend

Charmaine Tipton, Edgewood, Maryland

Helene Tolentino, Facebook friend

Joe Tolman, Facebook friend

Barbara Tomlinson, Seattle, Washington

Rick Tonsing, Fair Oaks, California 

Cindy Tourte, Clayton, California

Mandy Travers, Facebook friend

Michael Travers, Facebook friend

Carlee Trent, Springfield, Ohio  

Scott Trimble, Facebook support
Rebecca Trowbridge, Dover  

Derek Trudelle, Facebook friend

Matt Trudelle, Facebook friend

Wendy Truehart, Facebook friend

Jenness Tufts, Farmington

Matthew Turgeon, Penacook

Dorothy Plaisted-Urrutia, Facebook friend

Holly Way Vaine, Facebook friend

Francis VanDine, Belmont

Britany Vankeuren, Laconia

Dave Veach, Roseville, California

Jessica Veno, Laconia

Kimberly Vezina, Pembroke

Tina Vigneau, Facebook friend

David Villeneuve, Facebook friend

Mitch Vintinner, Leander, Texas

Dawn Votaw, Facebook friend

Amy Yendell Wakefield, Facebook friend

Lee Walch, Epsom

James Walker, Janesville, Wisconsin 

David Wallace, Brunswick, Maine

Daniella Walter, Facebook friend

Joann Warner, Facebook friend

Lisa Waters, Facebook friend

Sherry Watts, Petrolia, California  

Raejeana Weaver, Denver, Colorado  

Randy Weaver, Facebook friend

Christina Webber, Facebook friend

Nicole Weber, Pasadena, Maryland 

Robert Webster, Rochester

Steven Weiner, Facebook friend

Jennifer Ann Wells, Nashua

Tiffany Wells, Facebook support

Kristen Kempton Welch, Facebook friend

Heather Weldon, York, Nebraska  

Amy Wentworth, Dover 

Justina L. Wentworth, Facebook friend

Brie Westchester, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Zoe Wettach, Facebook friend

Kevin Wheeler, North Grafton, Massachusetts

George L. Whitham Jr., Facebook friend

Amy Whittle, Swazey

Freddy Wiese, Facebook friend

Chris Wilder, Facebook friend

William Wilder, Facebook friend

Lisa Will, Pittsfield

    "We all have faith in u.  have faith in ur self. ur innocence will prevail!!!!

     Keep ur head up!"    

    (Comment Feb 2011 at petition website.)

Bobbi Willard, Facebook friend

Greg Willette, Facebook friend

Justin Willette, Facebook friend

Renee Willette, Facebook friend

Tanya Willis, Lewes, Delaware

Rick Wilmott, Facebook friend

Jennifer Wilson, Jacksonville, Florida

Jonathan Wilson, Jacksonville, Florida

     "The state needs to re-open Chad's case.. In light of all this new evidence this

      man deserves another chance. This is someone who I feel was wrongly

      convicted and it's a shame he is sitting in prison for something he didn't do.

      Free Chad!!"

      (Comment February 2011 at petition website.)

Buddy Wing, Facebook friend

Elizabeth Longsjo Winiecki, Facebook friend

Adam Winkler, Los Angeles, Twitter follower

Andrew Witham, Facebook friend

Nina Liv Witham, Facebook friend

Valerie Woiciechowski, Facebook friend

Lorri Stevens Wolhok, Hinsdale  

Brian Wood, Jr., Rochester

Henry Woods, Dublin

Henry J Woods Jr, Winchendon, Massachusetts

     "Chad was one of the young ambitious citizens of Keene and was a mentor and

     friend when I was in High School. He was also a very successful in his career at

     a very young age. I truly think that Chad deserves to have his trial re opened

     so we can get to the truth and set a vibrant man free."  (Comment #70 at petition website.)

Julie Worthington, Bellingham, Massachusetts

Adam Wright, Facebook friend

Falicity Wyatt, Laconia

George Wyatt, Belmont

Kathy Wyatt, Laconia

     "Really, this poor guy was railroaded. Look at the evidance. CHECK OUT THE

     WEBSITE.  I believe in his innocence."

     (Comment #41 at petition website.)

     "Keep your head up!"

     (Comment February 2011 at petition website.)

Lazaros Xanthopoulos, Facebook friend

Natalie Yancey, Rochester

Christine Yardley, Facebook friend

Brandon Yates, Nashua

Hannah Yates, Nashua  

Wendy Yates, Nashua  

Jill Joslin Yurgeles, Facebook friend

Traci R. Zabel, Facebook friend

Caitlynn Zielinski, Epsom

Kyle Zongker, Edgewood, MD

Petition signers sorted by First Name.

Adria, Haverhill, Massachusetts

Amanda, Wakefield

         (Comment #178 at petition website.)


Arie, Corona, California

Amy, Swanzey

Elizabeth, Franklin,

       (Comment #14 at petition website.)

        There are women out there actually killing their babies and getting away

        with it. But Chad did nothing and he's serving time. Come on. Let him free

Emily, Keene

Jessica, Rochester 

Kathy, Mishawaska, Indiana

         (Comment #69 at petition website.)


Kristy, Great Falls, Montana

Lauretta, Manchester

Lisa, Concord

Mindy, Dexter, Maine

Nicole, Raymond

Rhyan, Dover

Stephanie, Dover

Valerie, Keene

Vanessa, Lowell, Massachusetts