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   "This photo is one Date Stamped 7/27/97 with me and managers at Hampton Beach.

This photo was indeed taken on a Sunday. In the summer months the hardest day to staff the beach was Sunday as we had none of the Campus Crusade for Christ kids who were available to work the other 6 days. I can't remember if I was promoted to Area Supervisor at this time or if I was still the General Manager of 4 restaurants at that time.   

   In any case, I was the supervisor, Jason was the manager of the Beach, Jason Shunk, Matt Skidds, and Jeremy Hinton were Jason's assistant managers. It was the equivalent of "The Dream Team" as far as McDonald's goes. These guys were some of the best. They really made my job easy that summer. I believe the photo was taken by my parents who came up to walk the beach for the day. Usually the beach empties out pretty quickly after 5 PM on Sundays. I believe this may have been the Sunday that we all went down the water slide right behind the restaurant after work that day in our uniforms."

[Letter from Chad Evans, 5 April 2010]


This is a photo, date-stamped September 2, 1999, from the first trip I took my managers to Six Flags in Mass. after a hard working summer. Not all restaurant managers/guests attended that year. In 2000 they did. It was my plan to do this annually. Great team building. Pictured from left, Melissa Brundage Mgr. Portsmouth. Keri Fortin, Asst. Mgr, Hampton Beach, seated with sunglasses. Larry Giarard, manager of Greenland store above me.  Dot and Tommy Urrutia. Jeremy sitting beside me with UNH T shirt. Jeremy worked in Hampton, Tommy ran Rochester. I thought Jay was there too. Maybe he took photo.


    This photo is of me and Stephanie Chick as Superman and Wonder Woman. It was taken at Spaulding High School, in Rochester, across the street from the McDonald's. Larry Lane and I rented several classrooms every February vacation and brought all of our managers up to have a 3-4 hour training class on many different topics. I came up with the idea when I was a store manager. When I become a supervisor, he and I carried on the tradition. We rented the school and left one assistant to run each restaurant. All other managers would attend this meeting.

   To keep it interesting we had the 80-100 managers rotate between 5-6 classrooms every 25 minutes. In each classroom two of our restaurant managers would teach or present on various topics. We had door prizes in each classroom and they could earn "fastbucks" to win prizes at the end of the night. Once all of the classroom presentations were done, we would gather all managers into a large study hall and Larry and I would do a presentation to the entire group. One year I did one on personal finance and gave everyone a single dollar bill and talked about how they could turn that into a $1,000.00 (I believe this presentation was my last, in 2000).

    In 1999 when this photo was taken, my theme was we don't all need to be Superman to serve our customers if we involve our entire team. My basic premise and the overall theme of this meeting is "Knowledge is Power". The more information you share and the better trained your crew is, the easier your job will be. Fast food can be high stress especially for young people in a management position who have not been taught coping skills. My goal was always to help them make their jobs easier. This helped keep their frustration down which = less turnover for us.

    I invited Stephanie to give the women something to relate to, not to mention, she was much easier on the eyes. After my and Larry's presentation, we had pizza delivered, all kinds of snack food and raffled off about $600-800.00 of goodies that I picked up at BJ's. It was a big investment but for these managers, many of whom were high school kids, it made a big impression. Our boss, Bob McDougal, loved it and had all supervisors attend so they could learn and do something similar in their area.





[photo temporarily removed]






This photo was taken up at Nicole and Brandon's in Belmont. We went up to lend some man power for yard debris removal. Brandon or Nicole would have better idea of when this was. We were taking a break here. Jeremy is in UNH T shirt and Darrel Nalli, another one of my managers is sitting down. This was an afternoon after we all worked in Hampton Beach together I am sure of it. Darrel and Jeremy didn't have plans so they tagged along to help for a while. My area was like a big family.  We did a lot of odd balls things together. All of managers knew that if they needed help with anything, personal or professional, I was only a phone call away. I believe Nicole snapped this photo. I'm guessing spring or fall of 2000.





For the two photos above...

The grand opening of the Playplace in Rochester around 1994. We invited the kids from the local orphanage in to be the first children ever to go through the Playplace. A night before the grand opening, we kept it closed to the general public and let these kids have the entire Playplace to themselves for 3 hours. Complete with Happy Meals for dinner and Ronald McDonald cake for dessert. The sisters pictured were happy.  We were so excited for the kids.  They had a blast. As a manager, this is one of the most rewarding experiences I had and was glad I arranged. I've always had a soft spot for these kids. At Christmas, I always left a box of gifts on their steps.