Chad Evans Wrongly Convicted


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28 March 2016. Death of Chad's mother, Pam Evans, in Keene, New Hampshire, of kidney failure.  In ill health for several years, Pam longed for the exoneration of Chad and his return to the family.  She suffered a mother's pain from the day of his arrest in November, 2000, for a crime he did not commit.


4 Nov 2015. Chad has read the book, Getting Life, by Michael Morton about his wrongful conviction for the murder of his wife and his 25 years struggle for justice.  In the linked 3-page document, "Getting Life by Michael Morton"  Chad pulls quotes from the book and then compares them to his own wrongful conviction. The first comparison quotes from page 69 of Morton's book:

Pg. 69. In reference to a comment made by one of Mr. Morton's trial attorney's, Bill White. "He told me that 'an innocent man in a case like mine is absolutely useless to his defense attorneys.' And it was true-1 knew nothing about the crime, had no explanation, could point to no suspects oroffer any provable alternative explanations for what had happened to Chris. I was clueless. White told me 'that wasn't surprising, that a truly innocent man is the hardest kind of defendant to

represent. "' [emphasis added]


29 April 2015. Chad has been moved to "H Pod" at the Berlin Prison.  This changes his regular visiting hour schedule to:  Fridays 1-4, Saturday 8-11 and Sunday 1-4.  Also, on special request with about two weeks advance notice, visits can be arranged for the other time period on each day, e.g. a visit on a Saturday afternoon.


22 April 2015.  Chad Evans volunteer Linda Dalessandri updated her assessment of Kassidy's health during the last months of her life, and finds several indications that Kassidy's death was a result of health problems and accidents.  See the report: "Problematic Findings"


19 April 2015.  Jim Day, a devoted supporter of Chad Evans, and former educator and principal at Chad's schools in Keene, died at the age of 67.  In his OBITUARY, he wrote about his support of Chad, "Since his departure from regular school service, Mr. Day became an active member of the Chad Evans Wrongly Convicted Committee believing strongly in the innocence of this outstanding former student and then school board member in the Keene School District."


1 April 2015.  Morrison Bonpasse, Director of the Chad Evans Wrongly Convicted Committee, announces his candidacy for President of the United States. In hisformal ANNOUNCEMENT, Bonpasse declared the stopping and correction of wrongful convictions to be his number one issue.  See the ARTICLE  in the Bangor Daily News, Newcastle, Maine. 


11 February 2015.  Morrison Bonpasse submits WRITTEN TESTIMONY  to the House Judiciary Committee in support of HR10. 


8 February 2015  The House Judiciary Committee will be holding a public hearing on Thursday, February 12 on House Resolution 10 (HR10) which urges the Attorney General to re-examine the Chad Evans case. The hearing will be in Room 208 in the Legislative Office Building across from the State House in Concord. 


1 January 2015.  Chad has been transferred to the NH State prison in Berlin. The reason for the transfer is not yet known.  His new mailing address is:

   Chad Evans, #75414

   Northern NH Correctional Facility
    138 East Milan Rd.
    Berlin, NH 03570


14 December 2014.  Camila Kerwin of the Salt Institute for Documentary Studies completed an 8 minute podcast about the Chad Evans case. She interviewed several people for the story, including Chad twice, and Assistant Attorney General Jeff Strelzin.  Click here to listen to podcast:  CHAD EVANS CASE: "UNRESOLVED" 


2 December 2014.  Chad Evans Committee resends preliminary inquiry to "Proclaim Justice," an organization in Texas which supports claims of innocence by the wrongly convicted. The inquiry asks whether "Proclaim Justice" would consider helping in a case like Chad's and in New Hampshire.  The initial inquiry was EMAILED  in August, and was resent as a WEBMAIL on December 2.


5 November 2014.  Max Abramson, a supporter of Chad Evans, has won election to the New Hampshire House of Representatives, from House District 20 in Seabrook-Rockingham.  See article, "Republicans Win Big in Seabrook"


15 October 2014. Today is Chad's 43rd birthday, but he should not have had to celebrate it in prison.  One bright spot was his second interview with radio journalist Camila Kerwin from the SALT Institute for Documentary Studies in Portland, Maine.  She has interviewed several people involved in the case and the campaign for Chad's exoneration, including Assistant Attorney General Jeffery Strelzin and the members of the Rochester chapter of the Chad Evans Wrongly Convicted Committee.


4 August 2014.  Chad's case is mentioned in a utopian novel, 2121 , by Morrison Bonpasse.  In fact, the book says that he "has been" exonerated in 2015.  The book is a companion novel to Jesus and Jesusa, and both are available separately or in a combined paperback or Kindle volume at  Jesus and Jesusa is about twins born in Italy in 2014, from embryos cloned from the foreskin of Jesus of Nazareth.  They later become co-popes, and survive an apparent assassination attempt, for which a man is wrongly convicted.

    In 2121, Chad Delano is convicted of chemical manslaughter, and is finally exonerated.  Meanwhile, his sister, Eleanor, has traveled to Mars with her husband, Max Trenkler, a distant relative of the wrongly convicted Alfred Trenkler.  In late 2121, twin daughters are born on Mars to Eleanor and Max.


3 March 2014.  Chad Evans Wrongly Convicted Committee testimony before the NH State Judiciary Committee against the NH death penalty.  The message from Morrison Bonpasse was short and simple: the death penalty should be abolished because of the risk of wrongful conviction.  The reasonable claim of wrongful conviction by Chad Evans shows the validity of that risk.  Bonpasse sent a followup EMAILl to the Committee.  He concluded, "Please vote to repeal the New Hampshire Death Penalty. New Hampshire should not continue taking the risk of executing an innocent person."


16 December 2013. Two Chad programs on Rep. Dick Patten's "Around Town"  on Concord Community TV.  Part 1 (Morrison Bonpasse and Nicole Evans-Mahoney) and Part 2 (Morrison Bonpasse and Linda Dalessandri). To view the programs online click on "Around Town" and then click on "Around Town" on the Corcord TV website, and then click on "Part 1" or "Part 2.")

   Part 1 was shown 33 times in November and December and Part 2 began showing the week of December 15, on this schedule: Tuesday, Dec. 17, 6:30 p.m.; Wednesday, Dec. 18th, 12:30 p.m.; Thursday and Friday, Dec. 19 and 20, 9:00 a.m. and 6:30 a.m. on Saturday the 20th.

    Part 1 focuses on the successful polygraph examination for Nicole Evans-Mahoney who was truthful when she told the police that Chad and Kassidy were at her home on Sunday, Nov. 5, 2000. 

     Part 2 focuses on the probability that Kassidy Bortner died of a chronic condition and disease, compounded by accidents, and not by homicide.  Linda Dalessandri, a longtime friend of Chad has been carefully researching the medical alternatives using the data provided by the Maine Medical Examiner at Chad's trial.  Kassidy's thymus gland was undersized and her heart was malformed.


3 October 2013. Attorney  Catherine M. Costanzo of Henniker will be representing Chad for the purposes of preparing his Habeas Corpus petition and presenting it in Merrimack Superior Court.   Catherine is a former prosecutor with extensive courtroom experience.  She is a graduate of Boston University Law School, Mt. Holyoke College and Phillips Academy. 


28 Sept. 2013.  Nicole Evans Mahoney, sister of Chad Evans, passed a polygraph exam which she took on Sept. 4, 2013.  The issue was Chad's visit with Kassidy to Nicole's home on Sunday, Nov. 5, 2000, four days before Kassidy died.  Chad's jury knew nothing about his caring for Kassidy on that day, or about the other family members who saw Kassidy at Nicole's home on that day. See Sept. 27, 2013 REPORT of the polygraph examination by Maine Polygraph Examiner, Mark Teceno. 


14 August 2013.  Through her Office of Citizen Services, Governor Hassan has decided to support the Dept. of Corrections decision not to permit Chad to take a second polygraph examination.  The Assistant Director of the Office of Citizen Services, Kyle Sutton wrote in a LETTER  "The Governor's Office has reviewed your documents and noted the responses from both the Department of Justice and Department of Corrections regarding your request for a second polygraph to be administered to Mr. Evans. The Governor stands by the decisions made by the Department of Corrections and by the Attorney General's Office." 


11 June 2013.  Morrison Bonpasse interviews on "blogtalkradio" with exoneree Gloria Killian and Mary Ellen Digiacomo about Chad Evans case.

   The one-hour weekly program is called "Women Behind the Wall." Co-Host Gloria Killian was wrongly convicted of murder while she was in law school in California; so she understands how good citizens, like Chad Evans, can be wrongly convicted.

Click HERE to listen to podcast.

7 June 2013.  Governor Hassan grants posthumous freedom to Revolutionary War slaves, and Chad Evans Wrongful Conviction Committee asks Governor Hassan to grant Chad's request for a polygraph exam.

See EMAIL  from Morrison Bonpasse to Governor Hassan and Attorney General Joseph Foster asking that Chad Evans' request for a second polygraph exam not "fall on deaf ears," as did the pleas for freedom from the 18th Century slaves.

16 May 2013 LETTER  to new New Hampshire Attorney General Joseph Foster requesting his support of second polygraph exam for Chad, and for an independent review of Chad's case.

   The letter notes that New Hampshire is the only state in the country where a prison warden, supported so far by the Office of the Attorney General, has refused permission for a polygraph test by an inmate. 

  [Most of the enclosures to the letter are described and linked below in the 7 January 2013 entry about the letters sent to Governor Maggie Hassan.]

27 April 2013.  Bill to Increase compensation to wrongly convicted fails to pass in New Hampshire Legislature. 

The summary from the newsletter of the Citizens for Criminal Justice Reform states:

Increasing the compensation for wrongful incarceration
CCJR wrote a bill to increase the payment to a prisoner wrongfully incarcerated. Today that person would receive a flat $20,000, no matter how many years they have served. HB 247 would award $20,000 for each year spent behind bars. The bill came out of the House Criminal Justice committee with 10-9 support. But most committee members agreed it was the right thing to do morally. Opponents said the state has no money to make whole someone it has wronged so grievously. The bill passed by voice vote in the House Mar. 13 and went to the Senate Judiciary Committee. The bill supporters missed the Senate hearing by mistake, the committee unanimously opposed it, and it died on the Senate floor. Efforts to save it met with these unassailable arguments:  nobody showed up for the hearing, and the state has no money to pay these people. 

12 April 2013. Chad's cellmate was transferred on April 2nd and left a NOTE for Chad, who then forwarded it to his father as a birthday present (Click REKEYED NOTE  for rekeyed WORD copy.)

The note and Chad's letter are pasted below....


        Thank you for all you taught me. I hope everything works out for you in your life.  I thank you for being my friend and not judging me.  You are the person I hope to be someday.

Your friend,


Thank you. 



       When I got home from work today my roommate was gone.  You may recall several months ago I introduced you to _____ at a visit.  Someone in our living pod affectionately gave him the name of ______________.  Anyway, _________ was a good guy and just waiting to move off to his program.  I was a little sad I didn’t get a chance to say good-bye to him and wish him luck.  Then I found this note on my bed and thought it was nice of him to leave it along with a couple of stamps I previously lent him so he could mail cards to his daughters. I was headed to the trash can to throw out the note, when I thought of you reminding me to keep my chin up, keep trying to be Chad, and keep trying to make a difference in  people’s lives.   Well, I haven’t been able to give you a birthday present in a long time, but I thought this note from _______ would show you I listen.  Happy Birthday.  I love you.  Chad.


6 April 2013.  Ray Santana, a member of the "Central Park Five," asked the audience of 900 at the showing of the movie in Keene to consider the wrongful conviction case of Chad Evans

      The "Central Park Five" movie was shown as part of the Monadnock International Film Festival and the director, Ken Burns, was given an award by the festival.   During the Question and Answer session after the movie, Ray Santana spoke twice about the Chad Evans case. He said that Chad's father, Chet, was in the audience, and then Chet rose to say a few words about Chad's innocence.   The audience applauded.

     Over the past year, Ray has become interested in Chad's case through communications with Christine Gagne and Becky Boudreau of the Chad Evans Wrongly Convicted Committee.  Before the movie showing, members of the committee also talked with the other member of the Central Park Five who was present, Yusef Salaam.

     See photos:   

Chet Evans with Ray Santana,  

Christine Gagne with Ray Santana, 

Becky Boudreau with Ray Santana

Yusef Salaam, Ken Burns and Ray Santana before the showing of "CP5".

Yusef Salaam, Ken Burns and Ray Santana during Question and Answer session


20 March 2013. The Chad Evans case was discussed in a 90 minute Radio Blog Program, "The Other Side of Justice"  with Vincent Hill. 

    Becky Boudreau and Morrison Bonpasse of the Chad Evans Wrongly Convicted Committee were interviewed.  To listen to program, go to the link, "The Other Side of Justice"where there is a summary of the case and photographs, and then click on "Download this episode."  Alternatively, click here on "Download this Episode"

   Vincent Hill is a former policeman and author of the book, Playbook to a Murder, which is about the murder of football player Steve McNair in Nashville Tennessee in 2009.

7 January 2012.  The Chad Evans Wrongly Convicted Committee has written three letters to the new New Hampshire Governor, Maggie Hassan.

  1.  January 3, 2013 LETTER seeking her support for re-investigation of Chad

        Evans case.  This letter was delivered personally to Governor Hassan

        during her inauguration reception, by Morrison Bonpasse and Chad's

        father, Chet Evans, along with a copy of the book, EYE CONTACT - The

         Mysterious Death in 2000 of Kassidy Bortner and the Wrongful

        Convictions of Chad Evans and Amanda Bortner

  2.  January 5, 2013 LETTER forwarding two LETTERS  to Governor Hassan

       from Chad Evans and a copy of his 2012  LETTER  to Foster's Daily

       Democrat reporter, Scott Kinney which Chad requested to be forwarded

       to Governor Hassan.

  3.  January 7, 2013 LETTER requesting Governor Hassan's support to gain

       permission for Chad to be given a second polygraph examination. Click

       for the letter's ENCLOSURES.

18 December 2012.  New Hampshire Commissioner of Corrections William Wrenn affirmed the denial of Chad Evans's request to schedule a second polygraph. See his LETTER to Morrison Bonpasse.

17-20 December 2012.  "The Central Park Five" is now playing at the Red River Theatres on So. Main Street, Concord. 

       On opening night (the 17th), there was a pre-showing reception attended by many NH lawyers, including Judge N. William Delker, formerly the prosecutor in Chad's case. By their questions, many attendees were outraged at the wrongful conviction of five innocent boys in New York.   Schedule:

     Tue   18 Dec 2012 -   2:00PM, 5:25PM, 7:45PM
      Wed 19 Dec 2012  - 2:00PM,  6:30PM
      Thu   20 Dec 2012 -  2:00PM,  5:25PM, 7:45PM

   It will be on Public Television on Tuesday, April 16, 2013. 

November 2012. NH State Prison Warden Richard Gerry declines to permit Chad to take a second polygraph exam and Sr. Asst. Attorney General Jeffery Strelzin supports that refusal.

    On November 16, Morrison Bonpasse wrote a LETTER to Warden Gerry to request permission to have an experienced polygraphist,  John Consigli, conduct a second polygraph examination of Chad. 

   On November 20, Warden Gerry replied by LETTER that such permission would not be granted. He said, however, that if Sr. Asst. Attorney General Jeffery Strelzin requested such an exam, it might be conducted. The Warden wrote, "I regret that I cannot provide you with the relief you seek."

   On November 29, Morrison Bonpasse wrote an EMAIL to Mr. Strelzin asking for his support or endorsement of the second polygraph.  

   On November 30, Mr. Strelzin wrote a LETTER to the Warden, with a copy to Morrison Bonpasse, which stated that he did not support such a second polygraph examination.

14 October 2012.  Posting of the 111 page TRANSCRIPT with minor redactions, of Chad's three and a half hour April 30, 2012 polygraph examination.

Click to see VIDEO.  (This is an MP4 file, and may require downloading and updated software to view.)


Chad mentioned his broken ankle. (page 53)

The polygraphist began his description of the exam. (page 85)

Chad volunteered that polygraphist could ask new questions if he wished. (p. 89)

Chad picked a card with the number 7 on it, and denied it, as instructed, and was correctly told that he lied, about that card, only.  (pages 100-101)

Chad began the first of four "charts" with the same 10 questions asked during each "chart."  Three of the ten questions were about Chad's alleged responsibility for Kassidy's death. (Chart 1, page 103; Chart 2, page 105; Chart 3, page 107; and Chart 4, page 109) 

[Note. There are very few videos of polygraph examinations on the internet.  As viewers here may want to compare Chad's polygraph with another, see this POLYGRAPH EXAM conducted by prominent polygraph expert Louis Rovner.] 

6 October 2012.  Posting of the July 31 evaluation  by the NH State Police of the April 30 polygraph of Chad.

The evaluation by Trooper Jeffrey Ardini concluded...

    "Based on my review of this exam, and using the material I was provided, it would be my opinion that this test be deemed invalid and not relied up to assess the truthfulness of Chad EVANS in regards to the issue of his culpability in the death of Kassidy Bortner."

[Trooper Ardini identified eight "distinct," "irregular," or "notable" movements by Chad during the exam which seemed suspicious, and which could have been countermeasures, or actions designed to evade the exam.  All the movements occurred during "safety valve" questions.  Three of the 8 movements were likely caused by coughs.  In the second "chart" of ten questions, one cough was significant enough to lead the polygraphist to ask the came question (C4) again.

Click for LISTING  of the 40 questions, including the four questions in bold italic where suspicious movements were noted by Trooper Ardini.]

3 October 2012.  Posting of August 21 LETTER  from Sr. Asst. Attorney General Jeffrey Strelzin to Chad, in response to Chad's request for a re-investigation.  Chad's Sept. 25 RESPONSE  is also posted.

                              Mr. Strelzin concluded his letter as follows:

     I have reviewed the evidence presented at your trial and the many claims advanced by you and your advocate in support of your innocence claim and request that this case be reopened and reinvestigated. For all the reasons set forth in this letter, I have concluded that the evidence introduced at trial supported your conviction and none of your present claims are sufficient to doubt the validity of your conviction and reinvestigate this case.
     Therefore, after consultation with the Attorney General, we will not be "reopening your case or reinvestigating the death of Kassidy Bortner.

                  Chad Evans concluded his response to Mr. Strelzin as follows:

Even if you have decided, at this point, not to recommend a full re-investigation of this case, can you please undertake a few steps toward the truth in this case? 
1. Write to Amanda Bortner and ask her specific questions about the statement that I was “physically abusive” to her.  Please include among those questions the following:
     a.  Did Chad ever hit you?...  
     b.  Do you agree with each point of Chad’s web-posted description of his physical relationship with you?  [See, on home page, Physical Relationship.] 
2. Interview Amanda, and ask her detailed questions about my conduct with her and Kassidy.
3. Interview me.  Please come meet and interview me and ask me any and all questions.  If you cannot do that yourself, please authorize someone to interview me. ....
4. Ask the State Police Polygraph Unit to conduct a polygraph examination of me regarding any issue about my case.... 
     I close as I began. I did not murder Kassidy Bortner. I never struck her in any harmful way.


WEEK OF SEPT 30 - OCT 6:  Cheshire TV, the Community Television system for Cheshire County, NH (including Keene), at Channel 8, will show the Dick Patten interviews about the Chad Evans case next week, 9/30 - 10/6:

Sunday, Sept. 30 at 7:00 p.m.,

Tues., October 2 at 6:30 and 10 p.m.,

Thurs., Oct. 4 at 10 p.m., and

Saturday, October 6 at 7:30 p.m.  

See linked Program Schedule or see schedule at Cheshire TV website.

Click for  Keene Sentinel carries front page advertisement (and closeup) and below:

26 August 2012.  A third review of the scoring of Chad's polygraph determined that the exam was invalid.  Morrison Bonpasse posted the following announcement today on the "Online Comments" section of this website:

    "At Chad's request, the charts of his April 30, 2012 polygraph exam were reviewed by two polygraph experts, in order to ensure the most accurate scoring.  In May and June, the first two scorings indicated that Chad told the truth and that no deception was found.  On this third review by the two experts, together with the polygraphist who gave him the exam, the result was different.  Because of perceived breathing irregularities which were not initially noticed, the experts on this third review were not able to grade the exam and they consider the first two scorings to be invalid.  This third look at Chad’s polygraph exam does not affect the results of  his 2010 Voice Stress lie detector  test which also found “no deception  indicated.”  Chad  has said that he is willing to take another polygraph.   More information will be released as it becomes available.


16 July 2012.  The Chad Evans Wrongly Convicted Committee is forming a Concord chapter.   Citizens in the Concord area who wish to join the Concord Chapter should contact Christine Gagne.

June 28, 2012  Using the OSS-3 computerized scoring algorithm, Chad’s polygraph exam responses of April 30, 2012 were verified as being truthful when he answered “NO” to the following three questions:

     1. Between Nov 8, and Nov 9, 2000, did you hit, punch, kick, or

         strike Kassidy Bortner?

     2. Are you the one who caused those injuries to Kassidy Bortner

         between Nov. 8 and Nov 9, 2000?

     3. Between Nov 8 and Nov 9, 2000 did you inflict those injures to

         Kassidy Bortner?

Recently, private investigator  John Healy used computer-based Objective Scoring System-3 (OSS-3) software to verify the data obtained during Chad Evans’s April 30, 2012 polygraph exam.  The OSS-3 software was developed by Ray Nelson, a recognized polygraph expert, and others, and is said to be the most accurate computerized scoring system available.  Nelson taught Healy how to use the software at a recent seminar at the New England Polygraph Institute  in Center Harbor.

    The result was “No significant Reactions” and a “P-Value” of 0.011, which means a 1.1% probability that Chad’s results were produced by a deceptive person.  Conversely, there was a 98.9 % probability that Chad was being truthful. 

    [See also the earlier reports of Chad's exam, below at May 2, and April 30, 2012. Also, see the notice of the third scoring of the exam, above, at August 26, 2012.]

22 June 2012 and later.  Chad's case was the subject of two Concord Community TV segments of "Around Town" with Rep. Dick Patten. 

The first was an Rep. Patten's interview with Christine Gagne and Morrison Bonpasse.  (Click to VIEW.)  The second was Rep. Patten interviewing Morrison and Jim Day, who was Chad's elementary and junior high school principal in Keene.  (Click to VIEW.) The "Around Town" programs was broadcast in the Concord cable area (including the prison, where Chad watched it) on the following schedule:

   Sundays 7:30 p.m

   Mondays 9:30 a.m. and 7:30 p.m.

   Tuesdays 10:00 a.m. and 6:30 p.m.

   Wednesdays 12:30 p.m.

   Thursdays  9:00 a.m.

   Fridays 9:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m.

[See, also, the two 2011 programs which are linked below at the "31 August, 2011" listing.]

12 June 2012.  Newly found photograph of Kassidy in August, 2000, standing in Chad Evans's driveway.  As August 1, 2000 was the date that Chad's alleged abuse of Kassidy began, this is yet another photograph of a smiling Kassidy during what prosecutor Simon Brown called in his closing at Chad's trial, a "living hell."

See photo, with other photos taken during the time of alleged abuse by Chad Evans in the "Amanda and Kassidy" subsection of the "Who IS Chad Evans?" section of this website. [The black dots to the left of Kassidy are the remains of the photograph formerly stuck to this photograph, during damp storage.]

10 June 2012. Chad writes five page letter to Foster's Daily Democrat reporter, Scott Kinney. 

Excerpts from his letter....

    "I have spent everyday of this sentence in torment. Most of my anguish is centered on the things I didn't do for Kassidy and can't do for my son. For the first several years I routinely denied myself the simplest of human pleasures. "I'm not going to watch the Patriots because Kassidy can no longer watch cartoons. " Even today, when we are served donuts for breakfast once a month I routinely leave a bite uneaten for both Kassidy and Kyle. I do the same with ice cream and other favorite snacks they enjoyed.
    I am constantly replaying the weeks prior to Kassidy's death and chastising myself for not doing more to help her. I'm haunted by questions such as: "Why couldn't I see? Why didn't I know? What could I have done differently? How did this happen?" I loved Kassidy and certainly didn't kill her but how can I feel anything but that I failed her? It's not something that I can make sense of and logically I know this is because there is no sense to make yet daily these questions persist."

1 June 2012. Chad now has a YouTube channel called FREE CHAD CHANNEL.  It was created by Rochester Chapter member, Sasha Gelinas, and already has a new video: "Space For Rent" about the apartment in the state prison that should be vacated, i.e. Chad's cell, and made available for others more deserving.   Please contribute and/or link videos on this site that support Chad's Campaign for Justice.

20 May 2012. A National Exoneration Registry is created by the Center for Wrongful Convictions at Northwestern University, and the University of Michigan Law School, See "Related Cases and Websites"  #5 "Databases."

15 May 2012. Following his successful polygraph test, Chad Evans renews his requests to the New England Innocence Project (LETTER) and to Centurion Ministries (LETTER) for assistance in letters dated May 5, 2012.  The next week, each organization again declined to assist Chad.  See (CM response) and (NEIP Response).

Excerpts from the letters.....

   Since my last letter to you on November 4,2011 there has been a significant development in my case. On Monday, April 302012, I was given a polygraph lie detection test and passed with No Deception Indicated (NDI). The test was administered by retired NH State Police Lieutenant, John Healy, the president of his graduating class at the New England Polygraph Institute....
    I know that the polygraph has figured prominently in some of your past exoneration cases and
    I am hopeful that you will consider the results here and help me prove my innocence. I have lost nearly twelve years of my life for a crime I didn't commit. I am desperate and need your help.
Thanks for your consideration,

[See below at 24 August 2011 for earlier requests to Centurion Ministries and the New England Innocence Project.]

2 May 2012. MEDIA RELEASE sent by Chad Evans Wrongly Convicted Committee announcing Chad Evans passage of second lie detector test.

Excerpts from the release...

    On Monday, April 30, Chad Evans passed a voluntary polygraph examination with a result of “No Deception Indicated.”  He answered “No” to questions about his responsibility for the death of Kassidy Bortner in Kittery, Maine in 2000. 
    The examination was conducted by John Healy, a retired New Hampshire State Police Lieutenant who is now a licensed private investigator and polygraphist.  Healy was trained at the England Polygraph Institute in Center Harbor, which is directed by David Crawford, a former New Hampshire State Police polygraphist.
    Chad Evans passed a Voice Stress Analysis lie detector test in July, 2010, and therefore is likely the only inmate claiming innocence in New Hampshire, and perhaps in the United States, who has passed two lie detector tests.
     When forwarding Healy’s report of Evans’s examination to Mr. Strelzin, Bonpasse asked that the State of New Hampshire ask the Superior Court to vacate Evans’s conviction because of the substantial doubt now attached to this case.  Also, Bonpasse asked that if the State still believes there is enough evidence to present to a jury, it should ask for a retrial where a new jury can hear all the evidence.  The original jury did not know of Kassidy’s medical appointments during the period of Evans’s alleged abuse and did not know of blood underneath Kassidy’s fingernails.  The jury did not see at least 13 photographs of a healthy Kassidy during the period of alleged abuse and the jury did not know of her attendance at a family gathering just four days before she died.

[However, see the notice of the third scoring of the exam, above, at August 26, 2012.]

2 May 2012.  FULL REPORT of Monday, April 30 polygraph examination of Chad Evans by John Healy.

The report concluded....

    After careful analysis of this subjects physiological data, and procedural review of the subject's examination, based on the accepted criteria for numerical analysis, it is the opinion of this examiner that he was not reacting strongly to any of the relevant questions on this examination, and that no deception was indicated when he answered "NO" to the relevant questions.

[However, see the notice of the third scoring of the exam, above, at August 26, 2012.]

30 April 2012.  Chad Evans passed a polygraph examination today, with "No Deception Indicated."  The full report will be available in a day or two. 

  Chad Evans was given a polygraph examination by John Healy, a retired New Hampshire State Police Lieutenant and graduate of the New England Polygraph Institute of Center Harbor. ( Chad passed the exam with a "No Deception Indicated" evaluation. The full report will be coming in a day or two and it will be posted on this website. John Healy's websites are and

[However, see the notice of the third scoring of the exam, above, at August 26, 2012.]

4 April 2012. Chad's letters to Morrison Bonpasse for 2010 and 2011 are now published at as Volume 2 of EYE CONTACT - The Mysterious Death in 2000 of Kassidy Bortner: Letters 2010 from a Wrongly Convicted Man in New Hampshire State Prison and Volume 3 EYE CONTACT - The Mysterious Death in 2000 of Kassidy Bortner: Letters 2011 from a Wrongly Convicted Man in New Hampshire State PrisonThe books are available in paperback and in the Kindle format.

    These are the same LETTERS  from Chad as have been posted and updated on the home page of this website at Key Document #11.  See also  "Books about Chad Evans and Wrongful Convictions" 

18 March 2012.  Twelve year old Braden Reed of Epsom, New Hampshire writes LETTER  to Governor Lynch in support of Chad.  (Originally dated in January, it was sent on March 17.)  The letter begins....

    I am a twelve year old student from Epsom, New Hampshire. My name is Braden Reed. I am asking for help.  Not help for me. Help for a man who's been wrongly convicted eleven years ago...  

16 March 2012.  Chad Evans 14 page memoir about Chad's work history, and more, was discovered. It was written privately for his father and son in October 2011, during a three week writing seminar conducted at the prison by Mike Brien.  In February, 2012, Mike and Chad exchange letters about the work, and it came to the attention of Morrison's advocate, Morrison Bonpasse, who obtained a copy from Chad, after obtaining permission from Chad's father.  Not originally intended for publication, Chad has agreed that it can be posted here on his website.    

29 February 2012. Chad Evans Committee sends webmails to Senators Ayotte and Shaheen and Congressmen Bass and Guinta in support of the National Criminal Justice Commission Act of 2011     Each webmail began "Please support the proposed National Criminal Justice Commission Act of 2011. The primary sponsor is Senator Jim Webb.     There must be better ways to provide criminal justice to our citizens without keeping 2.3 million men and women in our jails and prisons. That's a higher absolute number and higher percentage than any other country in the world.

     Among the tasks of the proposed commission will be the challenge to assist the states further in preventing and correcting the wrongful convictions of tens of thousands of U.S. citizens.  In New Hampshire, Chad Evans is one such wrongly convicted man, and there are surely others." See webmails to  Senator Ayotte, Senator Shaheen, Congressman Bass, and Congressman Guinta.

16 February 2012.  Mario Phillips, now an inmate in the NH State Prison, completed an AFFIDAVIT about his observations of an altercation between Chad and another Strafford County Jail inmate on Saturday, December 15, 2001, during Chad's trial. (See "Chronology", for that date.) Phillips describes his subsequent police interview which was not disclosed to Chad's defense attorneys.  He alleges there were offers of enticements to encourage him to provide information harmful to Chad.

15 November 2011  The book EYE CONTACT is now available on in a Kindle ecopy edition (@$3.00) or hard copy (@25.00)  See the Amazon page for the book.    See also, on this website, the "Books about Chad and other cases"  section.

9 November 2011.  On this 11th anniversary of the death of Kassidy Bortner, the paperback Edition of EYE CONTACT is published.  Posted here is the E-COPY (.PDF) of the 699 page paperback edition. (Please send comments, criticisms, questions and suggestions to the author,

Morrison Bonpasse at EMAIL)

28 October 2011. Christine Gagne writes an EMAIL  to Sr. Asst. Attorney General Jeff Strelzin, following up on October 13 meeting. Her email begins....

   "I wanted to sincerely thank you for meeting with myself and members of the Chad Evans Wrongly Convicted Committee on October 13, 2011. As I had mentioned previously, I did not know Chad Evans personally until becoming involved in his case after hearing of his claims of innocence on WMUR in February. I was a complete stranger to this case with a new set of eyes. After spending over 2500 hours researching this case, from the beginning to the end, with a clear, unbiased mind, in search of the truth, I have compiled a list of what/who killed Kassidy. Ironically Chad Evans did not make the list. In fact, I believe that we can scientifically exclude Chad."

26 October 2011.  EYE CONTACT  reviewed by Barbara Watkins of "All Books Review." [The Review was at the top of the All Books Review FEATURED BOOK  list.]The review begins.....

   “A Riveting Story of Unfairness and a Cry for Justice - ‘Eye Contact’ is an enthralling story of the sudden death of a precious tiny soul, Kassidy Bortner, and a man wrongly convicted of murder. The reader must keep an open mind while reading, and make his or her decision based on the facts provided in the case. The problem is, the prosecutors in this case have misinterpreted the facts to the degree that you will question their every move. Our Judicial system has been under extreme scrutiny in the past few years – and with good reason...."

15 October 2011.  Chad turns 40 years old.  As he observed during a visit on the 13th, he has spent 25% of his life in prison, for something he didn't do.

    During that visit, all the inmates and visitors present joined in singing "Happy Birthday."

13 October 2011.  Four Chad Evans Wrongly Convicted Committee members, together with Rep. Dick Patten, met with Sr. Asst. Attorney General Jeffery Strelzin to discuss Committee Request that case be re-investigated.     Nicole Evans Mahoney, Becky Boudreau, Christine Gagne, and Morrison Bonpasse met with Sr. Asst. Attorney General Jeffery Strelzin.  Rep. Dick Patten also joined the meeting in support of Chad.  The Committee's Executive Director, Morrison Bonpasse, brought to the meeting a LETTER  to Jeff Strelzin, with APPENDICES and a PROPOSED OUTLINE for

Re-Investigation of the case.

12 October 2011. Chad wrote a three-page letter to Senator Jeanne Shaheen to ask for her assistance.The letter begins...

    We met on April 23, 1997 at a dinner where you and Mrs. Nackey Loeb of the Manchester Union Leader presented me with a "HERO" award for pulling three men from a burning car on November 1, 1996. I am including a photo ofthis event so you can put a face with the name Chad Evans. Four Years later I became a wrongly convicted inmate in the New Hampshire State Prison. In a state with the motto "Live Free or Die", a wrongful conviction should be especially intolerable to our state officials. Until November 9,2000, I was an involved productive citizen of Rochester, NH by way of Keene NH....

28 September 2011.  The Chad Evans Wrongly Convicted Committee has become a member of the New Hampshire Center for Nonprofits. [See the Committee's PROFILE at the Center's website.]    The organization has over 600 members  and works to enhance the effectiveness of those organizations.  Hopefully, the work of the Chad Evans Wrongly Convicted Committee will be enhanced by this important membership.

[See LIST OF NEW MEMBERS  in October, 2011, including the Chad Evans Wrongly Convicted Committee, the NH Bar Association  and the NH Supreme Court Society.]

27 September 2011. Chad Evans writes response LETTER to Senior Assistant Attorney General Jeffery Strelzin. Excerpt from the letter....

  .... "Even in the interviews and excerpts you highlighted, nowhere does Amanda ever assert that I hit or even spanked Kassidy. This is because I didn't.  Again, I never hit or spanked Kassidy.  I hope that assertion makes you wonder about this case.  As Daniel Webster stated, “There is nothing so powerful at the truth, and often nothing so strange.” When asked this question during a voice stress lie detection test I passed with no deception indicated. As it appears that you do not accept the results of my July, 2010 lie detector test, are you willing to give me a polygraph or other lie detector test, the results of which you do trust?"  

20 September 2011.  State Representative Dick Patten met with Deputy Attorney General Ann Rice about the Chad Evans case.  She oversees the Criminal Justice, Consumer Protection and Environmental Protection bureaus of the Dept. of Justice.

19 September 2011.  Unredacted copy of March 22, 1001 DNA testing report was found by the New Hampshire Attorney General's office in the Discovery materials which were sent to Chad's attorneys in 2001. See also EMAILED APOLOGY which was sent to Senior Assistant Attorney General Jeffery Strelzin by Morrison Bonpasse.

7 September 2011. Senior Assistant Attorney General Jeffery Strelzin writes LETTER  to Chad Evans in response to Chad's letter to Attorney General Delaney of 26 August (See below.)  Mr. Strelzin concluded his thorough three page letter,

   "The jury's conclusion was later affirmed by the New Hampshire Supreme Court on appeal. After considering the evidence and all of your recent claims, we see no legitimate basis to question the jury's verdicts or the outcome of your convictions on appeal."

31 August, 2011. Chad's case was the subject of Concord Community TV segments, "Around Town" with Rep. Dick Patten who interviewed Becky Boudreau and Morrison Bonpasse (Click to VIEW), and then Jessica Robinson and Morrison Bonpasse (Click to VIEW.).

30 August 2011.  The Co-Chairs of the Chad Evans Wrongly Convicted Committee forwarded a copy of EYE CONTACT to all the State Representatives, State Senators and Executive Councillors of New Hampshire.  The forwarding EMAIL (sample to Rep. David Watters) asked recipients to learn more about the case and ask Attorney General Michael Delaney to re-investigate. 

26 August 2011. Chad wrote a LETTER  to Attorney General Delaney requesting a reinvestigation of the case and a meeting with him, and a meeting with four of his supporters. The letter began, "First, I am an innocent man, wrongfully convicted, and imprisoned in the New Hampshire State Prison."

25 August 2011.  Keene Chapter of Chad Evans Wrongly Convicted Committee conducts open meeting and discussion of "EYE CONTACT" at Keene Public Library.  See Keene Sentinel ADVERTISEMENT  for meeting, and Library NOTICE.

24 August 2011. Chad wrote to Centurion Ministries in Princeton, New Jersey, to ask for their assistance in correcting his wrongful conviction.  See his FOUR-PAGE APPLICATION with a summary of his case.   Chad has also applied to the New England Innocence Project for assistance. See the NEIP ACKNOWLEDGEMENT LETTER to Chad and his subsequent October 31, 2011 REQUEST FOR RECONSIDERATION.

21 August 2011.  Morrison Bonpasse sent an ecopy of "EYE CONTACT"  to Attorney General Michael Delaney, Senior Asst. AG Jeffrey Strelzin and Asst. AG Elizabeth Woodcock.   He wrote, "The truth is that Chad Evans didn’t murder Kassidy.  He didn’t, and doesn’t, believe in corporal punishment, and never spanked nor hit her; and he passed a lie detector test in 2010."

18 August 2011.  EYE CONTACT was made available at  self-publishing site, at EYE CONTACT at WATTPAD.COM, and at the epublishing site for Sony E-Readers,, where the book is located at EYE CONTACT at Smashwords

16 August 2011. EYE CONTACT was made available at the  self-publishing site.  Ecopies are $2.00 and a paperback copy is $38.50.  For people visiting this site, the Ecopy is free and hard copies can be purchased directly for $20.00.  Contact the Chad Evans Committee.  

10 August 2011.  Draft Edition 2 of the 692 page e-book,  "EYE CONTACT - The Mysterious Death of Kassidy Bortner in 2000 in Maine and the Wrongful Conviction of Chad Evans in New Hampshire"was published online on August 10, 2011.  The second draft edition includes photographs of Kassidy in the Appendix, and sections on Chad's pre-sentencing report and the laws regarding parental discipline in New Hampshire.

18 July 2011.  Morrison Bonpasse emailed a copy of "EYE CONTACT" to Asst. Attorney General Elizabeth Woodcock and to the prosecutors and investigators of the case in 2000.   He wrote, "It is a work in progress and will continue to be improved as comments and constructive criticism are received from readers.  The goal is to make it as accurate and truthful as possible so that the people of New Hampshire can see what really happened in 2000 and why Chad was wrongly convicted."

18 July 2011.  Draft Edition 1 of 660 page e-book, "EYE CONTACT - The Mysterious Death of Kassidy Bortner in 2000 in Maine and the Wrongful Conviction of Chad Evans in New Hampshire" now available.

    The book explores what happened to Kassidy Bortner and how Chad Evans was wrongly convicted of abusing and murdering her.

12 July 2011 LETTER  from Christine Gagne, a member of the Chad Evans Wrongly Convicted Committee, to Attorney General Michael Delaney.The letter begins....

   I am writing today to ask you to take a look at the Chad Evans case from a different perspective. I do not know Mr. Evans personally; I became involved in this case after seeing it on the news in February.
   Since then, I have spent 2000 hours researching this case and the infinite reasonable doubt surrounding that could little Kassidy’s death. I have read all the statements, interviews with police, reviewed the evidence collected, read all the trial transcripts, including statements from expert witnesses and I am not convinced that Mr. Evans is responsible for Kassidy’s death....

21 January 2011.  Twenty-two more signatures added to the Petition during the previous week. See email REPORT  from

21 December 2010. NH Senior Asst. Attorney General N. William Delker responded, in part, to Chad Evans's 9 November letter to the Governors and Attorneys General of Maine and New Hampshire.  See Mr. Delker's LETTER.The letter in its entirety.... Dear Mr. Evans:    Please be advised that in response to your letter dated November 9, 2010, in which you request the investigative files of your case, the State has received a similar request on your behalf from Morrison Bonpasse. We are in the process of responding to that request.

   We anticipate your current request will also be addressed by the response to Mr. Bonpasse's request. The State expects that this process will be completed on or before January 13,2011. See RSA 91-A:4, IV.
Very truly yours,
William Delker
Senior Assistant Attorney General
Criminal Justice Bureau
(603) 271-3671

12 December 2010.  Chad sends "Holiday Greetings"  to his friends and supporters. His letter begins...

  I hope this short letter finds you happy and healthy. I am extremely busy right now working with my advocate, Morrison, to get the truth out in my case and a bit tight on time so please forgive that my holiday greetings are not as personal as normal.
   This is my favorite tine of year and I couldn't let it pass without saying hello.  Kyle is getting so big. I fear that in calendar year 2011 his new nickname for me will be "shrimp." I've accepted this as inevitable and find comfort in knowing that it will be a couple more years before he can beat me in thumb wrestling.  Kyle loves to read, play video games, and spend time with family.  I am ever grateful that strong family support helps keep Kyle and I extremely close. He is an amazing person and wise beyond his years. He never seems to run out of profound things to say....

15 November 2010.  The REPORT of the Voice Stress Analysis lie detector test for Chad Evans is released.  The report concluded, "After analyzing all of the circumstances and the test results, it was concluded that Mr. Evans was a cooperative, sincere individual who eagerly submitted to VSA testing which revealed No Deception Indicated (NDI) on his part."  See article,   "VSA History and Facts".  See also, Chad-drafted questions which Chad took to the test, with the expectation that one or more of them could be used.

9 November 2010. Chad Evans writes a LETTER to Governors Baldacci and Lynch of Maine and New Hampshire, and Attorneys General Mills and Delaney of Maine and New Hampshire to request a re-investigation of his case. The letter begins...

   Until November 9, 2000, exactly ten years ago, I was a productive citizen of Rochester, New Hampshire. I was living with my 3-year-old son, part-time through shared custody with my to-be-ex-wife, and with the woman I loved, Amanda Bortner, and her young daughter, Kassidy, whom I also loved.  As an area manager for eight McDonald's restaurants, my income was more than adequate for current expenses and for saving for the future, including education for my stepson, my son, and Kassidy.  We were melding a family, embraced by our larger families, and life was good. 
     On November 9, 2000, Kassidy Bortner died in Kittery, Maine, at the home of her babysitter that day, Jeffery Marshall, where she had been for four-plus hours.  I hadn't seen her since 7:20 that morning when she was being driven by Amanda to Jeff's.  She had already opened her bag of Reese's Puffs that she had chosen for breakfast and that I had placed in that bag.  The police of Maine and New Hampshire determined within a few hours of Kassidy's death on that day that I killed her.  Then, they reinforced that belief with an investigation centered on me, and focused on persuading others that their belief was correct.  That investigation led to my wrongful conviction in Strafford County Superior Court on December 21, 2001.  I was convicted of the charge of child endangerment, a single count of assault against Amanda Bortner, several charges of assault against Kassidy Bortner, and the charge of second degree murder of Kassidy Bortner; and was sentenced to a minimum of 28 years to life in prison

8 October 2010.  Morrison Bonpasse writes EMAIL  to Senior Assistant Attorney General for New Hampshire, N. William Delker regarding actual innocence of Chad Evans, and to initiate a New Hampshire Right-to-Know documents request.  The email closed with this paragraph...

     I look forward to working with you, and/or a delegate, in the effort to uncover the truth and to secure justice, if not already achieved, in this case.  A wrongful conviction is surely every prosecutor's nightmare, and I'm confident that you do not want an innocent man to be imprisoned for crimes he did not commit. How an innocent man was convicted in this case is a long story, which is contained, in part, in the website, The rest may be contained in a manuscript, "Eye Contact."  Incidentally, as I believe that Chad is innocent of the crimes for which he was convicted, it follows that I also believe that Amanda Bortner is also innocent of knowing that he was committing such crimes and doing nothing to stop them.  I know that you have much other work to do, but if you or any other person in the New Hampshire government find any errors or discrepancies in what is presented on that site, I would appreciate hearing about them. We are interested in finding and presenting the truth.  

[In response, NH Asst. Attorney General Jane Young wrote a LETTER to Morrison Bonpasse that the request for Right-to-Know access to documents was received, and that it would take about 90 days to assemble the documents.]

8 October 2010.  A 22 March 2001 Report of a DNA test from the Maine State Police Crime Lab as been located through a Freedom of Information Access request.     This report had not been previously disclosed to Chad Evans's defense team prior to the 2001 trial. For reference, the two other, and previously disclosed crime lab reports are here:   12 March and 8 March 2001 Reports from the Maine State Police Crime Lab (7 pages)[1185-1191] Together, these three reports indicate that the blood found underneath all ten of Kassidy Bortner's fingernails had female DNA, and thus was probably hers.  The saliva stain on a napkin had male DNA.

    An EMAIL was sent to Senior Asst. Attorney General N. William Delker on 8 October 2010 to advise him of the finding of the 22 March 2001 report.

1 October 2010.  Docketing at the First Circuit Court of Appeals of Evans vs. Gerry, Chad's Federal appeal of the 15 year increase to his 28 year sentence.   See DOCKETING NOTICE and FULL RECORD FOR APPEAL. Chad's attorneys are challenging the constitutionality of the post-sentencing 15 year increase in his 2002 sentence of 28 years.  Even though the appeal does not include his claim of wrongful conviction, it's an important part of justice for Chad.

29 September 2010.  The Seacoast Chapter of the Chad Evans Wrongly Convicted Committee met in Rochester.

      Nine members reviewed Chad's case and elected Becky Boudreau and Sandy Gelinas Co-Chairs.  Becky read a thank-you LETTER  from Chad. See also the WORD copy. The next meeting will be the 3rd Wednesday in October, the 20th.

16 December 2009  Boston Bar Assn. Task Force on Preventing Wrongful Convictions issues report:"Getting It Right, Improving the Accuracy and Reliability of the Criminal Justice System in Massachusetts" 

See, also, "Links to Articles" for Boston Globe article of 16 December.

22 October 2009  "CPCS [Committee for Public Counsel Services] to establish Wrongful Conviction Unit"  from the website of the Mass. Bar Assn.    The special unit is made possible by a U.S. Department of Justice grant
The Committee for Public Counsel Services has been awarded a U.S. Department of Justice, Bureau of Justice Assistance grant for a two-year period to establish a special unit to support the post conviction litigation of claims of innocence on behalf of clients.
  The Massachusetts Grant was the largest in the country, for $561,304, with the next largest going to California, for $236,673.   This funding, from the federal FY09 Wrongful Prosecution Review Program: Representation of Wrongfully Convicted Defendants in Post-Conviction Claims of Innocence, will enable CPCS to create a Wrongful Conviction Specialist position to assist assigned counsel in these cases. The grant will also support an Expert Funding System to enable post-conviction counsel to access experts and testing to develop the factual information needed to present these claims initially, and to obtain court approval for additional needed funds.   The Wrongful Conviction Unit is anticipated to being services in January 2010.