Chad Evans Wrongly Convicted

Questions for the New Hampshire State Government and the people of New Hampshire.

This section of the web site is devoted to questions about the case of Chad Evans


The advocates for the innocence of Chad Evans believe that if these questions are responsibly answered, his innocence will be affirmed. At the very least, the answers to such questions should pose substantial doubt about the validity of the original verdict of guilty; and should lead the people of New Hampshire to demand a full investigation into the case and exoneration, or a retrial.


To the people of New Hampshire

Everyone hopes that the New Hampshire Justice system convicts only defendants who have committed the crimes for which they have been accused.  However, in almost every other state in the United States, men and women have been exonerated through DNA testing and other methods for crimes for which they were convicted beyond a reasonable doubt. 

Please examine the questions below, and read the materials on this website, and ask whether we should continue to incarcerate an innocent man.  As terrible as the death of a young child is, it should  not justify the wrongful conviction of an innocent man.



1. How was Chad Evans, an innocent man, convicted, beyond a reasonable doubt, of assaulting and murdering 21-month old Kassidy Bortner in New Hampshire?

2.  Why would Chad Evans, a devoted father, stepfather and uncle, want to hurt Kassidy Bortner, the young daughter of the woman he loved?

3.  How could Chad Evans bathe Kassidy Bortner, and read a bedtime story to Kassidy, together with his son, Kyle, on the same day and evening, which he allegedly delivered fatal blows and other injuries to Kassidy? This was the night of Wednesday, 8 November 2000.

4. In their investigation of the death of Kassidy Bortner at the home of her babysitter, where she had been for four hours, why did the New Hampshire and Maine State Police focus so rapidly and exclusively on building a case against Chad Evans?

5. Why did the police exclude non-criminal causes from the possible reasons for Kassidy's death?