Chad Evans Wrongly Convicted

Students Write about the Chad Evans Case

In this section, we will have emails, Book Reviews, essays and other writings by Students as they consider the Chad Evans case.


1. Elemetary/Middle School

2. Junior High School

3. High School

4. College

1. Elementary/Middle School

17 April 2013.  Poem by Zoee Clark about Chad Evans.


18 March 2012.  Twelve year old Braden Reed of Epsom, New Hampshire writes LETTER  to Governor Lynch in support of Chad.  (Originally dated in January, it was sent on March 17.  See also, a REKEYED COPY of the letter. ) 

The letter begins....

    I am a twelve year old student from Epsom, New Hampshire. My name is Braden Reed. I am asking for help.  Not help for me. Help for a man who's been wrongly convicted eleven years ago...  

[Samuel Inman of Governor Lynch's office responded to Braden's letter with a LETTER on April 3 in which he wrote, "I am writing to acknowledge receipt of your correspondence and to let you know that due to the separation of powers established in the New Hampshire Constitution, it is not within the Governor's power to overrule court decisions."]


26 July 2011. Braden Reed of Epsom wrote in the LETTER below to Governor John Lynch:

  My name is Braden Reed and I am going into Sixth grade. Now I'm not here to talk about me. I am here to talk about a case that needs to be re-investigated. That case is the Chad Evans case.  Chad Evans was convicted of the death of Kassidy Bortner. But there are many facts to prove Chad Evans didn't kill anyone.  I found these facts on  Now I'm not going to list all of those facts because that would be thousands of pages. But I am asking please please please re-investigate this case, New Hampshire and Maine.


Braden Reed

PS.  Just because I'm a kid doesn't mean I can't see that there's something wrong with our justice system and Chad Evans needs to be FREE!!!

[Maurya Tollefsen of Govenor Lynch's office responded to Branden's letter with a LETTER on August 15. She wrote, "... I have forwarded your letter to the New Hampshire Department of Safety, and you may expect to be contacted by a representative of that office.]


2. Junior High School


3. High School

9 November 2011.   Poem by Nickolas Meader of Somersworth


Nothing can compare to the cold,

and deserted feeling of being shunned,
an entire nation under the control,
and blinded by the media captain.

Unable to freely grieve about his loss,
surrounded by desolate concrete and bars,

the place where innocence and guilt cross,

one man stands in innocence as a lodestar

A small army stands behind this man,

working after work to prove him innocent,
loyal, and unpersuadable about their plan,

their plan of creating the ultimate appellant

The facts point towards a different answer,

than that of what the jury concluded,

it eats away at him like a thriving cancer,

that the media can be so polluted.




4. College