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Photographs from 'LETTERS FROM NH PRISON' Documents and Photographs from "Eye Contact"    


Some families are close, but the Evans family was VERY close.


Jason, Chad (behind Nicole) and Nicole not too long after Nicole's birth in January, 1976


Photo #99 Wow, tough photo to look at, lot of memories. This was taken in Keene at

Nicole's cosmetology/ hair cutting school graduation on Sept 23, 1996. Left to right is mom, Jay, Gram Martin (now deceased), Sister Tami, Nicole, Gram Evans, Brother Ronny, Dad, Gramp Evans (now deceased), me kneeling. I believe Tristan was full swing in college classes at this point and was back in Rochester. I took the day off and drove up with my stepson. We spent a day or two and went home. Obviously Kyle wasn't born yet. I think this was the time I took my stepson for his first kit flying experience. We had fun. He was 3 yrs. 3 mos. at this time.




Nicole, Chad and Jason, around Christmas, 1999.




Chad and his grandmother, Margery, in the summer of 2000. He wrote in 2010, "Nice picture of me and Gram. It was taken in the summer of 2001 when she stopped by the house for a visit. I believe Gramp was there to and we had just helped him into the car. Too bad he isn't in this photo. Notice, I am wearing a Martha's Vineyard T shirt that I got when I went there in 2000 with Amanda."


2013 - Photo of "Wall of Photos" at Evans home in Keene