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Chad Evans was indicted on 14 December 2000 when a Strafford County, New Hampshire Grand Jury issued  muiltiple indictments and "Information" against Chad Evans for second degree murder of Kassidy Bortner and multiple counts of second degree assault against Kassidy Bortner and Amanda Bortner.

Until his trial, in late November and December 2001, Chad tried to live a normal life. The photos below show parts of that life.


 In this photo, date-stamped 12/22/2000, Kyle is giving me a kiss at Family Strength office in Dover.  Alex Patel arranged a special visit where I could spend extra time with Kyle and my stepson and give them Christmas gifts. Tristan took this photo. She attended almost everyone of my supervised visits and was super supportive, and she was with me at every hearing that I had prior to trial.


This is of me sharing some time with Kyle and my stepson (not in photo) at Family Strength office.   The boys had just unwrapped Christmas gifts I brought them on the floor. Date stamp of 12/22/00 is correct. Tristan took photo while Alex Patel watched.

In this photo, dated Jan. 8, 2001,  I'm holding Malana in the living room at my parents' house.   I was staying with my parents for a while at this point. I couldn't find work in Rochester, and I had just started at Domino's, I believe.  I'm sure Jason or mom took this photo.  Baby girl, Malana, is sleeping on me. It is the best feeling in the world to hold a child when they are sleeping.  I absolutely loved it anytime Kyle, Kassidy, or Malana fell asleep on my chest as I was holding them like this. I remember falling asleep on my dad like this as a child. It was the most secure feeling in the world.


I'm holding Malana on couch in my parents' living room while Kyle is hamming it up.  He has one of my socks wrapped around his head as a bandana. This photo is date-stamped 1/15/2001. I'm sure my mom took this photo with her camera.  Here is another thing that is so stupid about supervised visits mentioned above. The only restrictions that the courts put on me as I recall is that I had to have supervision by DCYF or family strength to be around my kids, but no restrictions on any other child.  I could take Malana and go anywhere I wanted to.  Jason and Michelle, Malana's mom, trusted me 100% and never believed I killed Kassidy.  They let me take Malana anywhere I wanted too.













In this photo, I'm laying on my side on the floor. Kyle is on top of me and Malana is curled up under my arm as we watch a movie. My arm is up and I am holding Nicole's hand. (I'll let Nicole know that you thought she looked like mom in this photo :). This is in parents' living room. This is Nicole's old gumball machine. The kids loved it because we would give them pennies and they could get gum. Jan. 2001. Mom or Jay took photo.


Actually a kiss and a whisper from Kyle. We were at Family Strength office
in Dover. Tristan took the photo. Kyle was whispering that he loved me and wanted
me to come home with him. I'll never forget that day. Tristan was great then. Took
photo's often. We would develop them quickly and would get them to him so he knew
daddy was always with him. This photo was taken in early 2001 I believe.


I'm playing "operation" with Kyle and my stepson in one of the offices at Family Strength in Dover. The boys loved operation. Probably because they both had a more steady hand than daddy. They shared well which made me happy. They loved board games. I wish they still did. They are growing up so fast. When they come to visit now, board games don't interest them much. Tristan took photo with Alex looking on. Likely taken in early 2001.


Giving "horsey rides" to Malana and Kyle, with Malana's father, Jason Evans, in background



This photo is date-stamped " 5 20  01 ." I am taking a little time to get some "lovin" from Malana before I head off to Domino's for the night shift.  Malana is a great cuddle bug. I'm sure Mom or Jay took the photo. Malana loved for me to read book after book and play "cash register" or dolls.


This photo is of me, Dad, and Kyle splitting wood at woodlot campground in Vernon. This photo was taken earlier in day of photo of me Kyle and Malana on the three-wheeler.  I always loved working with my dad no matter what we were doing.  It was time together that I enjoyed.  I wanted Kyle to have some of the same memories. We taught him how the splitter works that day and let him run the lever a few times. He thought that was pretty neat. This was summer of 2001. Jason likely took photo.


"This photo is of us launching or removing the boat from Wilson Pond in Swanzey. In the photo are my brother, Jason with his daughter, Malana, on his shoulders and my father and me, and brother-in-law, Brandon Harvey. It was the summer of 2001. There was a problem with the propeller that day that Brandon had just fixed, so we were giving it a quick test run. I'm not sure where Amanda was that day. I wasn't exactly trying to flaunt that I was seeing her against my bail condition. She and I were naive to the law then. Even though these people knew she and I were seeing each other on occasion, we were trying to limit their exposure. We certainly didn't want to get any family and friends into trouble because we so desperately wanted and needed to be together."

"This was taken I believe in late July, Early August 2001. My sister, Nicole, had written on the photo, "Our last boat trip together." In the photo are me, Tim Goodnow, Dad and Jay.  Also with us on that day were Pam, Kyle, Malana, Nicole, my stepson and Brandon.
    People not seen in photo were in the front of the boat, I believe. Pam may have been on the beach waiting, as she wasn't a big boat person.  Amanda was not there because we were not trying to drag all of our friends and family into trouble. Also, at that time, we didn't bring her around the kids because of the bail condition (Kyle, and his brother, and Malana). There was no way that I was putting them in the middle of that.   
    After my conviction, Amanda again resumed seeing and being around the kids. Amanda and I knew we were violating my bail condition and didn't flaunt being together. We did what we could to not be obvious. It wasn't a matter of being sneaky or me trying to convince her of something, it was a matter of -  if I was arrested and put into jail before my trial, we wouldn't be able to see each other and that would severely hurt both of us. We were super careful at first, only seeing each other every few days. It was like a drug "fix". I would see her, make sure she was ok, spend time cuddling or whatever and then we would meet again a few days later. But before long we were together almost every single day. We couldn't stand being apart.