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This photo is of me cuddling up with my “first born” son, Kato. I believe this photo was taken in 1996 or 1997 by Mary. As you can see I had a serious case of “bed head” going on and a nice fat “caterpillar” on my upper lip. I am including this photo because you asked a lot of questions about Kato’s veterinarian, how we cared for him, etc. We discussed how child abusers are often time animal abusers too. I don’t think there is a better photograph of my love for animals than me cuddling up with my 70 pound dog laying on me while we rested on the sofa, watching the Red Sox. About halfway up Kato’s front left leg you can see the scars from the surgery where the plate was inserted into his leg when he was hit by a car. He was the best dog in the world. I miss him like no other pet I have ever had. I swear that dog always understood what I was feeling. He would always give me a kiss when I needed it the most.

[Chad Evans letter, 17 May 2010]


I'm holding Kyle in our living room. He appears to be approximately one year old. So this photo likely taken by Tristan, summer of 1998. Behind us you can see the stairs leading to the bedrooms. These are the stairs Kassidy would slide down.

Chad and Kyle at Kyle's first birthday party, July 1998.


This is a photo dated 7/7/99 of me and Jason standing around Kyle as he played with his new motorized "Big Foot" truck he got for his birthday. These kids usually had multiple parties, especially after Tristan and I split up. The party I had for Kyle and his brother at my house was kind of an impromptu party because I really wanted to give the boys their trampoline. This was not the type of thing, I could easily lug to Keene. No matter what holiday it was, Christmas, Easter, birthday's, etc. my mother always had parties at her house. The Easter Bunny and Santa always made "appearances" there too. Often we just had one party, even after Tristan and I split, she would travel to Keene because that is where Kyle wanted his birthday, (pool party).


This is a photo of me giving Kyle and Malana a horsey ride, in my parents' living room.  It's date-stamped 11/26/98, and it was taken either by my mother or Tristan.   I would give the kids horsey rides until my knees were raw.   A picture really is worth a 1000 words ••••• The kids loved it when the "Bucking Bronco" would put its head down, kick its rear end up in the air and deliver them to the couch in one swift movement. The people at Filene's loved me. I had to be one of their best pant customers.



Me, Kyle and his brother spending the day swimming at mom and dad's. Kyle had just pushed me into the pool. He loved to do that. It made him quite proud. The deal was, he pushed me into the pool and daddy got a kiss. As you can see, I was collecting on my half of the deal. Tristan or mom took photo I'm sure. Looks like summer 1999, maybe early 2000. Can't see if I have a mustache or not.


I believe this is a photo of Kyle and me at my 27th or 28th birthday. We were going to blow out the candles together. I was showing him how to blow. We leaned in and kissed. This would have been Oct. 1998 or 1999. My dad is behind me. My family has always made a big deal of birthdays and holidays. This was in our diningroom. 
   I am thinking 1999 because Kyle looks older than two years old, rather than 16 months.
    No doubt it is my birthday and one of those two years. By 2000 I had no mustache,
and Kyle was much larger. My mom, Nicole, or Tristan snapped photo.


This is a photo, date-stamped, " 9 17 99," of Kyle in Jason's ski boots. Like his dad before him, Kyle had a fetish of walking around in the biggest shoes he could find. You asked about skiing. Both Jason and I ski. Actually, we both started together in high school. Vanessa taught us.  She took us and some other friends up to Waterville Valley.  We had a blast. From there Jason and I used to go a few times a year. We would go to Gunstock, Wildcat, Temple Mt., Cannon, Sunday River, Etc.  I suck but have a ball.  Jason is a great skier.  He has taken Kyle and my stepson out for me.  Kyle enjoys snowboarding more than skiing.  Kyle has only gone a handful of times but has unbelievable coordination and balance.  I bought a nice set of ski's at the Special Olympics auction dinner in 1996 or 1997. That was the same auction where Larry Lane purchased the week-long vacation trip to Martha's Vineyard that we split in the summer of 2000. He must have purchased it at the 1999 auction/dinner, any months before our trip.


I'm bending down next to Kyle while he holds his then favorite movie, "Tarzan." I believe this photo was taken by Tristan around Dec. 99 or Jan 2000. Hard to tell, but it looks like snow is on roof of shed outside window. He got "Tarzan" right around the time Tristan and I split up. Initially I had him only on Sundays Jan-Feb. 2000. We spent the first two hours together cuddled up watching that movie together.  He couldn't get enough of it. The camera's date stamp wasn't working as it said, " '94 1 1."   The camera was chewing up batteries.


I'm holding Kyle and Malana in my parents living room in early 2000. Jan-April judging by the size of the kids and clothes. I'm sure Jason or mom took photo. Notice Kyle's holding my left ear. My ears were like his "blanky" he was always always playing with them. Especially when it was nap time. He would rub the lobes and suck his lip.


Me holding Kyle in loft at the barn at my grandparents' in Vermont.  This was likely really early 2000. I have a goatee, so I'm on vacation. We had just climbed all over the barn. That's my stepson behind us. We did jump down into hay, over and over. Nothing can ever be done once with those boys. Nicole probably took the photo.


This photo is from same day at Nicole's in Belmont in the Spring or Fall of 2000, as with another photo showing me, Jeremy Hinton, Kyle and Darrel Nalli.  I was showing Kyle how to climb the tree using his arms and legs to get him up a tree. I'm supporting him with my hands under his rear so he doesn't fall which is giving him the security to take chances. I'm sure that some people looking at this photo would think it irresponsible to teach him, but my feeling is at some point he is going to do it anyway, I would prefer he learned how first. Not to mention, it will give him a sense of accomplishment and a potential life saving tool if he was ever lost in the woods alone.


Making mashed potatoes was a family tradition.


Great photo of Kyle and I sleeping together in a chair at my parents' house. I loved cuddling with the kids. To me there is no greater feeling than this “little body” sitting on you and feeling comfortable enough with you to fall asleep knowing they are protected and safe.  This photo reminds me of my own childhood. There were times that I would wake up from a bad dream and go into my parents' bedroom and tap my dad on the shoulder. He always slept on his side and would open his arms up and let me crawl in. In those powerful arms of my dad, whatever was chasing me couldn’t get me now. By my goatee and the shape of Kyle’s face I would guess that this photo was taken by my mom or Nicole in early 2001. Several months later, I was in jail, awaiting my trial and the opportunity to ever hold Kyle like this again.  [Chad Evans letter, 17 May 2010]


      In May of 2000, right before I met Amanda, I took Kyle to Boston, with a woman friend.  We went to the aquarium, to lunch, and walked the North End, etc. In this photo at Faneuil Hall Marketplace, the clown had just made Kyle an elaborate balloon hat and balloon sword. The clown was trying with his right hand to get Kyle to turn his head so I could snap the photograph. Kyle is adorable in this photo.  It's very fortunate that we have this photo, because it shows almost exactly how I held Kassidy's cheeks in order to get her attention and eye contact.  I would hold Kassidy's face a little lower, around the jawline vs. where the clown is holding in the hollow of Kyle's cheeks which appears more "violent" than my method where Kassidy's face was more or less resting in the palm of my hand.  The difference is that the clown was trying to turn Kyle's head, whereas my goal with Kassidy was to hold her head steady so we could have eye contact and I could talk to her. The other obvious difference is that Kyle didn't bruise easily, and there were absolutely no marks on his face afterwards.















I'm holding Kyle in my parents' kitchen sitting on clothes washer. Judging by our outfits, my tan and thickness of my chest, I can almost guarantee this was June 2000, and the photo was taken by my mom. It's almost nap time. Kyle sucking his lip, playing with my ear. This is how we knew he was tired.

Photo #111 This was me and Kyle at Rochester Commons. He is a ham for the camera isn't he? This photo was either taken in spring of 2000 or 2001. It was taken by Dorothy Urrutia during a play date we had with the kids, or it was taken in 2001 by Tristan when we met for one of our supervised Family Strength visits. If it was the 2000 trip to the commons with Dot, this photo was taken right before I was pushing Kyle on the swings and he jumped, splitting his lip and tongue. This was the incident I described to you a few months ago where I went hysterical when Kyle started bleeding from his mouth and Dot had to slap me to calm down. Disregard date stamp " 23 21 05 ". This was another indication of how that part of the camera could make an error if not properly monitored.



    This is one of my favorite photos of Kyle. I love how much fun he has on the trampoline. He loves playing with it as much today at 12 years old as the day he got it. I honestly can’t think of a better gift I could have bought him. In this photo he has a twinkle in his eye and a mischievous grin that are trademark Kyle Chester Evans. The photo was taken by Mandy Allard when she was visiting with Amanda and my parents at their house in Keene. Mandy had recently gotten into photography and took a bunch of photos for me.   

   This particular picture was taken in black and white which I thought was really neat. It seemed to contrast with the leaves. I believe this was taken in the fall. I am not certain what year. I’m pretty sure it was taken around the same time as photo’s 217 & 218 which were also taken by Mandy.  My guess is 2004.


This is another photo, date stamped " 5 11 '02," of the trampoline, with Kyle and

Malana playing on the trampoline in my parents' door yard in Keene. A few things

can be seen in this photograph.
1. How much the kids love the trampoline.
2. How high off the ground the trampoline sits. Those are yellow car ramps that

    you see in the front and the trampoline is at least another 3' higher. Amanda

    told police Kassidy fell off the trampoline once while she and Jen were home

    alone with her (I believe).
3. When it is set up for the kids this year, we should take a photo before the

    safety cage goes up because it wasn't in place in 2000 and we should have

    an actual representation photo or no one will understand how Kassidy could

    have fallen off.



Kyle swinging at ball thrown by grandfather, Chet Evans.


Brent, Kyle and Chad practicing hitting balls at Milton house, on June 11, 2000.