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Who IS Chad Evans? - Staying in Touch with the World

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Chad keeps up to date with what's going on outside the prison walls by watching television news and reading newspapers (Boston Herald, Union Leader) and magazines. As his friends and advocate know, he is a "newspaper article clipper" and frequently will send articles to others.

He has read and recommends these books:

"Exiled Voices: Portals of Discovery - Stories, Poems and drama by imprisoned writers," Edited by Susan Nagelsen, of New England College, Henniker, New Hampshire.  Two of the writers are from the New Hampshire State Prison, Philip Horner (now released), and  Charles Huckelbury.

"The Men They Will Become"  by Dr. Eli Newberger. 

From the review....

In The Men They Will Become, well-known pediatrician Eli Newberger blends stories and suggestions aimed at empowering boys to make strong character-building choices. The author uses examples that range from simple playground incidents to complex moral decisions for teens to provide guidance for parents facing similar situations on the home front. Not meant to be a quick-reference guide, the author focuses on open communication lines and leading by example.


If you want to communicate with Chad, his address is:

     Chad Evans #75414

     New Hampshire State Prison

     P.O. Box 14

     Concord, NH 03302-0014